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  1. if you have a couple, and the girl is alien and the guy is sim, and they have a kid would the kid turn out sim or alien? and wat would happen if it were the other way around?
  2. you obviously have a lot of spare time on your hands
  3. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! sell the stupid mirror already!
  4. lol i dont like kuchipatchi, he looks like a duck with no wings and a big bottom my brother had him once. no offense to kuchipatchi fans
  5. pencil= intelligence, gained by played shape when you're a teen and older. stars= creative, gained by playing dance when you're a teen or older. flower= niceness, gained by playing flags when you're a teen or older. the adult pet is decided by which of the three u have the most points in, or by how you treat it. there are heaps of guides around the site...look in "help for new tamagotchi owners" or whatever thats called
  6. iv set my time to 6:59 and 2:59 so much i cant even count how many times iv done it and there is still no mirror in the shop! pfft wat does everyone else want?
  7. i find that tamatown is best coz you can make like 200 bucks in less than a minute there, whereas with the games you actually have to be good at them to get as much in that amount of time
  8. by waiting for the matchmaker when you're grown up or breeding with another tama when you are both grown up everyone says they have to be 5 but one of mine was like 3...
  9. to quote otchi973: "i found a way to reverse the de-bugging thing!!!!! heres what to do: open up ur tamagotchi like u did when u debuged it and instead of rubbing the "debug" thing u have to rub the 2 things beside it (with a pencil) that are below the 2 wires that lead to the speaker (they say "jp1" and "JP2" above them) and put it back together (no tape nessacary to hold in the battery) and push the reset button at the back of ur toy and select reset! if any thing is unclear just ask me what it means! i hope i helped!" lol it was on the same page as your post and everything, hope they didnt mind me quoting.
  10. Lumina


    whoa i got it! the tama sed "thank you every much" and told me to visit tamatown. i did and the king gave me something speeeeeshal!!! :D:D
  11. so in tamatown i check one of the faqs lying around and it says the child u have will evolve to be the same type of tama as the parent (means mame family will always get mame...? i dunno wat mine is, its the one with the curly hair coming out of its head) wen i get a boy i wanna work hard to get that scientist guy (350 intelligence) but if it belongs to the same group as the one i have now i wont be able to! if i breed with someone who has the same group as the scientist guy is there a chance of me getting the right group wen it grows? (saorry if im confusing you)
  12. wow thanks i didnt noe that! (i wasnt being sarcastic! )
  13. my name is from a game called Harvest Moon. it isnt that good a game (it gets boring after a while) but i remembered the name coz it reminds me of the moon
  14. Lumina


    im trying to make 20,000 bucks, mainly with tamatown, to give to the king. wats everyone else up to?