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  1. I wear band shirts, black jeans, converses and vans. Most of my clothes are also from Hot Topic. I also wear studded belts. I NEVER EVER wear pink. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  2. Not Chris Brown. I hate him. He sucks. His music sucks. All his songs are about some stupid girl that he likes. He needs better writing material. Chris Brown sucks. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  3. Wow, it's set to AM not PM. A guide can now close this ~*Tamagotchi*~
  4. Yeah but the earliest a tamagotchi goes to bed is 8pm and that 26 minutes from now. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  5. Ok it's only 7:20pm where I live and my tamagotchi, Daron, has gone to sleep. I have a V4. Ive played with it before and it has never done this before. Help? ~*Tamagotchi*~
  6. Believe it or not I have 8 brothers and 6 sisters. We're a HUGE family! ~*Tamagotchi*~
  7. Daron was born at 6:15pm (CNT) on February 19, 2007. I am going to do this project as I did before. With Ashle. She lived to be only 36. Died only a few days before Thanksgiving of '06. I will write every day or so here about Daron each day up until the day he dies. Since Daron was just born, you all must know what he is. A baby boy. I will post again when he turns into a toddler. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  8. I've done it before so yep! It's true! ~*Tamagotchi*~
  9. Ichigotchi are on V3 too ya know. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  10. Ok since none of you anwsered her question, I gladly will. Sometimes teens will evolve into an adult in the late stages of 3 or early stages of 4. Don't worry, it's completely normal. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  11. I love System of a Down. I love Daron Malakian. System of a Down is the best metal band ever. NOTHING, and I mean nothing will ever beat System of a Down. In my opinion, no band is better than System of a Down. I love all 4 of them sooooooo much. <3 ~*Tamagotchi*~
  12. Why would you want a digital camera on a virtual pet. These are virtual pets not electronics. Having a built in camera would really make the price go sky high. Guys these are virtual pets. If you want to listen to music get a CD player or an iPOD, no need for one on a tamagotchi. If you want to take pictures get a disposible camera or a digital camera, no need for one on a tamagotchi. If you want to watch TV watch it on a TV or a portable DVD player, nobody wants to watch shows on a TINY screen. If you want to go on the internet, you have computers and maybe even laptops. That's what you're using now. Having the internet on a tamagotchi is the dumbest idea I have ever heard! Guys Tamagotchis are VIRTUAL PETS. They do not need all this other add-on crud. We have seperarte items for those things. Having them on a tamagotchi would be so stupid, i can't think of anything stupider. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  13. Why did you make 3 topics??? We all know there is no way to accidentally "triple post" because the button fades when it is clicked to start a topic. ~*Tamagotchi*~
  14. I don't think they should. Many of our guides are adults and they still love tamagotchis. Do you think they should be for kids? ~*Tamagotchi*~
  15. I'm not sure what P1 and P2 means but I know it's diffrent from V1 and V2. I think P1 and P2 are the first 2 tamagotchis. ~*Tamagotchi*~