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  1. I have all younger brothers. Yesterday the youngest of my brothers was tied to the wheelie chair (his hands were tied around the back, feet tied together and whole body to the chair), and because he couldn't move, my other brothers took turns at hitting and kicking him in the... ahem... you know what I mean. My brothers can be nasty to one another sometimes, but they're really nice. I get along with all of them except the oldest brother.
  2. Hmm... Big W is okay... I'm not really one of the people who likes shopping. All time favourite stores would have to be Amart All Sports or Sportscene.
  3. I like most things at school. The only problem I have with it is some of the people there and the stinky toilets...
  4. The only way I can think of is not pausing it, and instead changing the time so it's asleep. This should be in "Help for New Tamagotchi Pet Owners" or "Whats on Your Mind".
  5. Well it's the 2nd for me already... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  6. Cinderpelt didn't say anything... I am 14 in April.
  7. You made it on New Years Eve, and was linked and coloured on New Years Day. Easy...
  8. - Be less addicted to the internet - Start school projects earlier instead of leaving it until the night before - Be less lazy - Clean my room - Get along with my brothers more. That's it.
  9. I love most fruits. Apricots, peaches, plums, pears, watermelon, strawberries, mangoes.
  10. That isn't very nice to say, no matter if you say no offense. Why would you want to say things like that? To feel better about yourself because someone else is different? To boost your self esteem? Just to make them feel bad? That's terrible.
  11. 2007 could have possibly been the best year of my life. My school grades were high, I had success in sports, made heaps of new friends, plus joined TT. It was a great year
  12. No, but I felt like I was haunted by my guinea pig years ago XD
  13. I think s/he is talking about trying to make herself popular, as in real life. I honestly wouldn't worry about being popular. I know you said no junk, but whatever is yourself is you. You might try to change that, but inside you will still be the same old you.
  14. New Year, New Tears New Friends, New Trends New Lies, New Guys New Beginning, New End Happy New Year Everybody!!