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  1. Thanks! (: i was thinking of wearing like a t shirt and a sweater over, but the thing is im not sure if itll get hot so then i might end up having to carry it around.
  2. Okay, So I need help on deciding what to wear to a concert. I have never been to a concert before so I have absouletly no clue as to what i should wear. I'm going with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. We're seeing Tyga in about two weeks and It's an indoor venue, it's general admission so we are going to be standing the whole time. From where i'm from in March it'll be still cold (i think) this weathers crazy this year. Lol, so i need suggestions! thank you ♥♥ -Michelle♥
  3. more more more! it's realllly good!
  4. username-um,i dont even know,haha. i was like ten when i made this account so i didn't know anybetter. i wish i could change it though,it's too childish :/ signuature- it's a lryic from taylor swifts song 'fearless' i love it♥ avatar- i always like to match my avatar with my signuature,so that explains it(: -& have a nice day[i say this to everyone(: ]
  5. -thanks! i will be using the cursive ones,because they look cute. this helped&i'm glad you took your time on this(: -have a nice day,(:
  6. i'd have to say,i couldn't live without; -friends -family♥ -music, -ipod -celluar device -make-up,? well i mean i can live without it but i'd be terrified. mainly just eyeliner&mascara(: -love, there's probably a whole list of other things i couldn't live without, but this is what is on the top of my head(: -have a nice day,(:
  7. Really really really sad.Bummed.Scared.Worried. Reason is cause my dog has kidney failure. He's not even one. He has to stay overnight at the vet. I want him to live to his birthday July 15. Poor dog. ): Im just gunna keep him in my prayer. I LOVE YOU REX!
  8. I got another question, yes i know i ask many. But is Any of the Harvest moon for the d.s fun? && if so which ones the best out of all of them?
  9. Ok, yeah thanks guys. One person mentioned mario party i think && i was thinbking bout that game, so yeah. Is mario party fun?
  10. monkeyz10210


    So lately ive been wanting a new d.s. games. But i dont know which game i should get, so thats why im asking you guys. I already have: Nintendogs Animal crossing wild world Sims 2 casteway Zoo tycoon 2. FYI: I like mostly any kinda of game. I like adventure and games that are really fun even if you had it for like 6 months. -Michelle.
  11. How Much Money Do You Have? $545.00 in the bank. otherwise in my pocket right now i have like 30 bucks. Do Your Parents Let You Use Your Money Freely? Most of the time. I mean its my money,right? So i should be able to buy what i want as long as i have the money. How Do You Make Your Money? Birthday,Christmas && other special occasions. Are You A Saver Or A Spender? A little of both. i guess im in the middle.
  12. Summer for me is a defintion i can't explain in just a sentence. Some things that I'm planning on doing is: -i really want to be more outgoing and not so shy, im ussually called the "quiet girl" when people don't know me. but on the other hand the people that know me know thats not true. -Also I'm going to try to get a nice tan, I tan in like 30 mintues so i know it wont be that hard to accomplish.(i have easy-to-tan skin.) -Growing out my hair is one thing i want to do. For those of you that want to grow out your hair i found out a tip that makes it grow kinda faster i guess. 1. All you have to do is keep your head upside for at least 30 seconds one time a day.(I'm not sure if it works though) i also want to try to make a new hairstly for me I'm really bored of the flat srtaightend hair. its driving me nuts. (: -Going outside more and excersing daily is what i need, or want. I'm kinda upset though is because i havent had any exercise for my summer yet. So im going to try to exercise soon. i want to be healthy and in shape for my swimsuit. (: -Heheheheheh & otherwise once i get my Sims 3 game i will be playing it. I can't wait! Theres way more for my summer plans but I'm sure im not gunna sit her and write them all. SUMMMMMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRR '09!!!!!
  13. I got another question. Lol Um whoever has the game whats it like & what are the pros & cons of the game. i think its pricey but im willin to buy it hopefully soon. (:
  14. Yes please do post lots of information cause i rally can't wait. Thanks yeah i'm not going to dowload it cause i dont want to risk my computer, plus we dont have a virus program protecter. Also my computer got already like 5 diffrent times viruses and we always had to erase everything and reprogram the whole computer, so that sucks.