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  1. Lol, do you shop there? I get all my plaid shirts, bracelets, necklaces, and a few pants from there. You? The store's are so cheap, it's like a hack. xD I love the dollar day, and 50 cent sales.
  2. Do you? Sometimes I do it. People thinks I'm crazy, or I'll either do it when it's time to tick some off. You? And tell a time when you did.
  3. I dedicated this to Rugrats: Word of the Day. So.. what's the new fun phrase? "She thinks we're all [insert phrase here]" My turn: She thinks we're all Swell-o matic!
  4. Any comments on the song and video?
  5. Hard to believe, I know. It's kinda complicated.. you're just doing a lot of sewing. You're basically wrapping and cutting off extra fabric. I'm looking at videos, and articles learning how to do it. You use baggy jeans such a bootleg cut, etc.
  6. Well do you? I do, I think it's a bit pricey to spend $30 bucks on them, while I could just cut off the excess fabric.
  7. Uh.. Are you talking/posting to yourself? o.0
  8. Aww.. My Favorite Animal is a Cute little doggie, I have a black one and I love her to death. Personally All Animals are unique in their own way, and Cats are cool. But I have to go with dogs on this one .
  9. Yes it is normal, you just have to get use to it , and try to open it a lot at times ^.^.
  10. Oh, My, God! I remeber that. She learned what not to do! Wama
  11. Thanks Admin! Now I can finally fiqure out what is this TamaChat you guys speak of! Wama
  12. I would look kinda weird if pokemon and tamagotchi's joined together! Wama
  13. I don't know where I would be If I was the only child. I am thankful for having a brother though. I would be lonely sometimes.. But I'm glad that you are having a good time. Good Luck -Wama-
  14. Wow, never been to TamaChat. It's okay "Admin" people has their days and times. Everybody is with you and your problem. We can all understand why it was down. Have a good life.