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  1. I have the original link but there's an option in ADMIN CP which sets the primary domain name, TZ's is set to "" which means if you use the original link (for anyone wondeing it's "") it just re-directs to the www address, I believe (from what I've read) the ADMIN boards are still accessable so if a TZ Admin becomes aware they might be able to get on and change the primary domain to the original link, which will then allow access - I'm by no means certain that this can be done as it may only work for zetaboards apparently (going by what I'm reading) - hopefully Invision will get it sorted soon though.
  2. The Zeta Support Board has not been hacked, I'm reading the thread about it, the Invision support team are aware and are trying to sort it.
  3. Hopefully Invision will sort it out soon, as far as I know they (Invision) used to save the boards daily, so when it's back up we shouldn't have lost too much, I hope.
  4. Hi, I'm the same R_T from Tama-Zone, lots of Invisiofree boards have been gotten to by these hackers, hopefully Invision are doing something about it, but I'm afraid I don't know anymore than you do at the moment.
  5. The action figure won from the slot game is a souvenir, it will appear in your souvenir list (you might have to scroll through some empty spaces before you see it). V4.5 shop codes and how to enter them can be found Here.
  6. Getting 3 stars for any icon is what counts really, for instance, if you get 3 Stars for the Gotchi points bag then you will win 500 gotchi points for each game completed (instead of 400) and more skill points than usual, getting 3 stars in "Love" (the heart) means your Tamagotchi will make friends quicker when connecting with other Tamagotchi and getting 3 stars in Health (the man icon) means your Tamagotchi is less likely to get sick - getting 3 stars in any category makes your Tamagotchi jump up when they get to the middle of the screen, if they get under 3 stars for every category then they will fall over when they get to the left of the screen.
  7. You just have to keep in mind that Violetchi has 3 different names she has been known by in the west (Violetchi, Furawatchi and Leaftchi) so she could be referred to by any of those... Why they keep changing it we'll never know!
  8. There is a gym with obtainable souvenirs so why does there need to be a shop? The shops in GuruGuru and Mame Towns only have souvenirs also so the Gym in Patchi Forest is basically the same... I don't see why it needs a shop...
  9. Both version 4's and 4.5's will sometimes become adults at age 2 so age 3 is perfectly normal.
  10. Tsukkomitchi LOVES Popcorn Ura-Togetchi LOVES Sandwich
  11. Yes the designs are UK only I believe, it was from a local toy shop called Kerrisons but I have seen the new designs in WoolWorths and Tesco.
  12. Although the US got 4.5 first your statement is not strictly correct IIRC UK got V4 before US.
  13. Yes they are Universal characters, I assume this is to allow slightly more connectivity to the original V4 in that if you have Mimitichi on V4 and she visits your 4.5 she will show up as Mimitchi not Nazotchi.
  14. No - it cannot connect to your PC the microphone just acts as a stand! The PC Pack has software with characters on it specifically for your PC... ..........!
  15. I severely doubt it... as I've said before it would require big changes.