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    Pink. Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink. I love pink. My favourite colour by far. Screw blue, think pink. pink rules! green, blue and yellow drools. I love cats, they're cute and cuddley, but dogs are cute too, and more playful. School? Out of the subject. Too boring to be a part of my intrests. The only reason it's here in my intrests right now is because one of my intrests is hating school! Lol! the only thing I like about it is friends. My best friend is called Alana. I really like runescape but... I'm still gonna find time for Tamatalk as well as runescape. Anyway, Alana's username is Oniontchi2 on tamatalk! lol...and my username on runescape is Killeronion1 and Alana's is Killeronion2! We are in the same class at school and me and her will be best friends FOREVER!!<br>Another of my interest in Christmas and other celebrations. I also kinda like Anime.

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  1. I have umm nothing. But as my siggy states, I want a quail!
  2. My bro does sleeptalks, and sometimes, but rarely sleepwalks. Once he went to bed early, and when i was watching TV, he just came into the room with his eyes closed, and walked back. Im suprised her could come up the stairs, even though we only have 3. lol. When her sleeptalks, he just says gibberish, but sometimes he talks me and says my name, when he's alseep. Its freaky.. he says stuff like bluahaahumtat, we'll teeth bolas! Jaimee! Jaimee! Yes! Jaimee. Nedowyourheeap? It freaks me out.
  3. HUH? what on earth's with those options?! Lol, so random. TASER? LEMON? CHICKEN????
  4. Its Hayley Chipman and David J Franco. I just read the lyrics
  5. These are my fave songs. All by the Veronicas. Leave me along Nobody Wins Someone wake me up In another life Enjoy! PS: They all start off boring..so just listen to the whole song to hear the best of it.
  6. Umm not if theres another website that shows music vids
  7. Post a link to ur fave songs off utube here!! Here are mine. Ill do more later.
  8. Alternative, poprock and pop . I absolutely hate R&B, rap, hip-hop and Hannah Montana. Has anyone got the Nintendo DS game Drawn to Life? Well, have you finished the game yet? At the end there's this really nice, but sad song. Its got a girl and a man singing. The girl sounds great, but the mans voice is hell scratchy. I makes me cry..Its sung by Hayley something and David J something.
  9. lol cokes better and you know it
  10. * removed - off topic & rude *
  11. * removed - off topic and rude*
  12. * removed - of topic & rude* I never thought it was possible to like pepsi more. Coke deserves all the credit cuz i just tastes so much better. And pepsi cant get enough money, so they have to make these lame comps all the time so they get ur money from calling lol.