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  1. I have scooby snacks. I'm eating them. o_o They're bicuits with a tube of chocolate sauce stuff, and you put biscuit-sauce-biscuit and then eat it. I find the theme song good, "What's new, Scooby Doooooooo?" I have it on my iPod.
  2. I have a scottish accent, and I cant say, 'sh' 'ch' 'g' or 'j' sounds properly, it ends up all, watery-sounding... I have a big vocabulary, yet, I don't use it, I describe an apple and I say, "It tastes all,... thingweh, erm, yeah,.. that thing yah know?" It annoys my teachers to no end. I can talk in a posh English accent, a German accent and a squeaky, helium-ballon accent thing. I switch constantly, so my teachers never ask me to talk for long. I randomly burst into a fit of giggles if I can't talk. I say, 'lol' as in, 'lawl' and 'brb' as in 'be right back' REALLY fast. I say 'Uhm... Yeah... I think..?' a lot, when teachers ask me something... I say things at weird times, like, "Yeah, I was walking down the str-- FATZILLA." And my friends slap me for it. That's it, I think.
  3. 13-17 Being 13-17 is a wide range, but you have many friends and love love LOVE to talk to them all the time. After school and things like that all you want to do is just hang out and relax. o_o I'm 11. Though, I'll be 12 in a few days...
  4. Do you use it? - Every Day, usually. How long do you usually stay on it? - I stay on for about 5 hours, or more. [i do take breaks, for about two minutes...] How would you feel if it went away? - I'd be devastated. I'd lose friends.
  5. Milk, but, I'm more of a savory girl. I can leave chocolate in the cupboard for weeks. I'd rather have cinnamon pretzels or crisps.
  6. I have 85 pounds. I'll buy Guitar hero 3 OR save it and buy Guitar Hero World Tour. It's 129.99 pounds, so, I'm hoping I'll get birthday money, on the 30th of January and buy it. Depends on what my brother gets me. He's going out today to buy something. He says that he couldn't get anything before Christmas.
  7. My Xbox 360. It, and the 3 games cost 362.65 pounds. I found the receipt. I also got 85 pounds cash and a ballon animal kit. I love them all. But, I can't get Xbox live because my parents don't have a credit card. D:
  8. I got up at 2AM, on Christmas EVE. I didn't sleep. I opened my stuff at 0:00 AM, Christmas day. And I played my Xbox 360 until 2:45 AM, when my mum made me look at the other stuff.
  9. Yeap, the part in bold did happen. I was there. There's like a Gym hall and a Dance hall, connected and she was in the gym hall and we were put into the dance hall. Except her sister. She was allowed to be there. But, she was okay. ^^ In primary 2, there was this guy called Kieran who was swinging on his chair and split his head open. Then in Primary 3 he pushed someone against a wooden column and the guy he pushed was sent to hospital. In primary 5, we went on a class trip to the Scottish Parliament and I fainted because I didn't eat anything. But I woke up after about 2 mins and I got to sit in a really cool chair that people from the parliament sit on. ^__^ In my High school, just last week, I think, This girl called Hannah was hit by a car. She has a fractured leg and a broken bone in her skull. I saw it happen and it was scary. She flew in the air. The guy was arrested.
  10. Oh yeah. That was cause I was being annoying to the teacher and having a 'huffy tuffy' day. According to the teacher. Yeah, and I think earlier that day I had ended up punching someone. Maybe. NURSERY FTW. >=3
  11. Done it on my first try, I took longer than 2 minutes because I could not stop laughing at the way the frogs looked so depressed. I'm still giggling. I got it because I done something like this at a school trip thing, with real people and real dogs. I worked it out first, but the dogs wouldn't move. *~* I still get annoyed because some guy got the dogs to move before I did. D:
  12. My yellow gym socks: Shina and Guirdell (Shin-a) (Guard- el) 8D My headphones: Schteryo (Shh-Terri-Oh) My DS: The blue thing My GBA SP: The pink one My wii: Wii-One My iPod nano: Bluey I,... Think that's it.
  13. Many, many, many. >...Missbehave...< can back me up on that. Not really in High-School, but in Primary, I got bored and people annoyed me. I warned them beforehand. I've beat up 6 people in about 30 mins and gotten 2 weeks of detention, but, they annoyed me first. And I've made numerous boys cry. I'm evil if you mess with me and my besties.
  14. YESH. I like the purple, seedless, crunchy ones. Though I usually get a bag of mixed grapes, green and purple seedless, then put one of each in my mouth and bite hard. It's fun. When I was about, 9-ish, I used a whole bag of grapes to make half a glass of grape juice. I peeled the skin off, cut them in half and then put them on a glass juicer thing. It took about an hour, but, it was fun. ^^