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  1. Click Here That link will send you to a chart that shows you what path you need to take to get a certain tamagotchi on your V4. its very easy to follow. hope that helps!
  2. This is what a group hatching is And if you are just wondering how to get people interested in your group hatching all you can do is post a topic saying Group Hatching or maybe even a catchy little title that might catch peoples eyes and hope people show up. Its not difficult really. If you have other questions about this feel free to PM me. *Closed by Rockin Robotchi*
  3. Congrats Binary! you will make a great guide.
  4. If you are looking for codes for the tamagotchi look in this section. It has all of the codes for the tamgotchi that we are aware of right now. And if you are looking for cool tricks and tips for the tamagotchi look in this section. *Closed by RR*
  5. Yay! Congrats GK1! Im so glad you're on the team now! You'll be a great tamaguide!! -RR
  6. My favorite animal is the panda. I love pandas. But i have a pet bunny right now..i dont think id be able to take care of a panda. XD -RR
  7. Like i said, because not everything is sorted out, some people have karma that was not given to them..because right now guides dont have the ability to give out good or bad karma yet. Only admin and admin has not given anyone karma except the guides. -RR
  8. But please remember, that karma is not in full effect right now, and the only karma someone has given out is by admin which was to the guides. We are still working on it and it was not as as smooth of a transition as we thought it was. So for right now please be patient with everything! -RR
  9. Please read the pinned topics if you have a questions, they should answer any questions you have about each section. You can find out about a Group Hatching here. Please do not make topics like this again! *Closed by RR*
  10. Im sorry but these topics are not allowed. All though its great you want to help others it just clogs up the search engine. *Closed by RR*
  11. ^^ that wont happen because only the guides and admin can give you good and bad karma. No one else. -RR
  12. Please look at this topic. It will answer all your questions. *Closed by RR*
  13. That is because you are not even reading through this topic. I posted a list of ways to get karma twice and you havent noticed it yet and i also made a post telling you where to find it. Thats the list. Please read it. -RR
  14. If you would look through the topic you would see a post i posted on the 6 page saying how to get good and bad karma. -RR