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  1. you find the hat in the picture of Chille in the airport!!
  2. Im thinking about getting a Kuchipatchi,because i have a young one. I Kno you need most flower points,but thats the only points i have!pencil:0 star:0 flower:10 will that effect its growth???
  3. im gonna have to go with kuchipatchi rulz. i have 2, and they are alot of fun.
  4. Is it random to get a certain kid? or do you have to do something?
  5. of course it is. v4 is the only one that gives jobs.
  6. I ususally get dumb jobs,and i also want to know what decides it random?
  7. Thanks, but that was not my question. i asked if they could really like the food you start with.(scone,sushi,bread,cereal)
  8. You have to get one!!! they are really good. there are several new tamagotchis,new skill points, and that tells what adult youll get,there are jobs,which are the adult minigames!I have 2, ones a pyonkotchi,and the other is a togetchi.
  9. you know how on v4 if you give your tama food it likes it goes mad happy? is it possible to happen with the food you start with?
  10. that is an ichigotchi.i ve never had one, but i want it.
  11. This is a good poll, because people like them equally.
  12. this poll his hard for people to decide, because they are all cool! (sorry, technical diffculties... i mixed kuchipatchi an mametchi)
  13. it actually took you to another planet?! AWESOME!!!(oh yeah,cool androtchi)thank you very many times can you use it?