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  1. Yeah they did, I had a few of them back when I was a little kid.
  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not worth it! In my opinion this is the worst tama to date! Even the original ones that came out back in 96 were a lot better then this new one. First off the actual egg is WAY to big and bulky to carry with you everywhere you go and second off the game play is simply way too easy. Not a good choice with this one bandai...
  3. I HATE V5!!! I just bought the Music Star today and it seems pretty cool!
  4. i just bought a music star today in Toys R Us
  5. o and i forgot to mention that since i have all boy tamas i dont know which is which when they evolve its like not knowing the names of your kids if you had identical triplets in real life
  6. I dont like it very much, first off they didnt release any designs that were gender neutral most of them are for girls (if not all of them) i bought the purple one with the lava lamp like design on it off ebay(most gender neutral in my opinion). Secondly when im playing with it i dont feel like im taking care of an actual pet but just playing some sort of a game, one of the things i like about tamas is that it feels like you are taking care of an actual pet that you can take with you. you dont get to name them individually, pausing is a task in itself, they dont go to work/school, the games are not as good as on previous models and you earn very little points, it wont interact with previous versions of tamas, when connecting they got rid of the option to just visit another tama, i still dont understand the discipline thingy, nor do i understand the "Bonds Per ?" statues on the meter menu, and on the website you have to log in and out to do everything. I loved every update from v1 except this one. Infact the only good change in this tama is that the graphics use the entire screen....thats it o and they changed the functions of the third button during game play, it doesnt work as a control button but just cancels you out of the game which is another feature im not liking
  7. go here for some more info on entama http://www.pixelmood.com/entama.htm
  8. I heard a rumor that you can make a japanese entama read english by opening up the back and scratching a box w/ a pencil like u would when u would debug another type of tama.......is this true? Also im thinking about buying an entama but cant read japanese.......do u think its worth it? If u have an entama please message me to tell me what u think of it. Thanx
  9. i doubt it......if ppl were complaining about the slots game on v2 saying it promots gambling then i seriously doubt bandai would allow u to buy cigs
  10. Hi i heard that they are going to add more pg's to the tamatown like they did for entama, is this true? *Edit* I mean on e-tamago they have other parts to the site that the US tamatwon does not have, is it true that they are going to add more parts to Tamatown.
  11. is it true that on V3 you can connect to the nintendo DS game tamagotchi corner shop via the antena? I heard this from a friend and was not sure if it is true. I just ordered 3 v3's the silver, camou, and the waves and cant wait to get em.
  12. Go 2 the www.tamagotchi.com and look under the products tab to see 6 new v3 designs! I like the clear black w/ red uttons.
  13. I think you may be thinking of a deka tama. They are like electronic vending machines for tamagotchis in japan only (i know its sad ) try looking for a search of deka tamagotchis in google for more info
  14. I Like the silver one......but on this site i pre ordere mine from http://www.toysnjoys.com/ustamagotchi.html it said it was white? anyone know if it really is white?
  15. Im sorry i dont think this could happen normally it could have been a glitch or ur friend was just telling a lil white lie
  16. yea its probably the battery, connecting uses a lot of power. Does the blinking X have a small battery icon in the middle if sop then it needs a new battery. Tamas take one CR2032 battery. You can find them in any drugstore buy the hearing aid batteries.
  17. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont delete ur friends yet , if it wont play games or give presents then yes its ur friends list that is full and u must delet a few, but if it will still play games then u have to delete some of ur treats and items because those lists are full hope u read this b4 ur tama losses some potential husbands or wives
  18. its a strawberry , First off the name translated into Small srawberry (or something) and when u look at some of the other characters u can tell the bandai got its ideas from diff foods like oniontchi, ringotchi, kuribotchi(i think he looks like a lil malimar), and especially the lil hamburger dude from deka, besides his feet look like a stem.
  19. yea ufotchi is a teen, good job raisn ur tama, those are all characters obtained by pretty good care or ur tama
  20. also if you go on e-bay you will find tamagotchi fakes claiming to be v3, v4, and v5 but these bootleg products dont have any corrilation with Bandai, or the real tamagotchi, even though they use some of the same characters.
  21. I got it on october 15th! i bought it because i thought it was a chess board! u know they should really name the stuff iin the shop under the price
  22. thats weird, try to reset it again?