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  1. Hey. I just got the new tamagotchi v5 today at target. its really cool. i've got 2 boys and a girl tama on the same one! but there are a few rip offs: 1.) u cant name the tamas 2.) it dosnt tell u the tamas ages 3.) when u connect with another tama, u can ONLY play a game, u cant visit it or anything. 4.) how the heck do you train it to strengthen the family bonds?? but its still awesome. but do u know what is a little annoying? they practically JUST made the v4.5, and like a week l8ter after almost everyone on earth has one, they come out with a brand new version, and everyones swarming in to buy THAT one! i feel so bad for my mom because she just got me the v4.5 and like a week l8ter i begged her for the v.5 cuz it just came out. that's america, baby! so who else got the new v.5??
  2. i just got a v5. i've had a v3, v4, and v4.5 in the past, and i've only brought my v3 to school back in 4th grade. all my friends brought theirs with them too, and whenever we had recess, we'd play with them becuz the teachers never noticed. but my friend erin warned us not to let our teacher see them becuz she threatened to take them all away. so i was careful after that and didnt really bring mine to school anymore. now i'm in 6th grade with my v5 (its so cool!!) and idk if i will bring it to school tomorrow...
  3. i LOVE the song that goes like, "so long, and GOODNIIGHT!!" that is my favorite song out of all of them. that goth guy is HOT even though he's gothic. i watched the music video and i LUV the part when the girl rises out of the coffin and walks down the aisle....
  4. every time my tama is 7, i change the time to 2:59, and the matchmaker comes right when it turns to 3:00. press button B, and hit YES when the Love? sign comes up. then ur tama will get married and have a cute little baby. it worked for my v.4!! dont worry; the matchmaker will let u know when it's here by making a beeping sound
  5. how is this the wrong spot? why did u report me? does the 'spot' really matter?
  6. omg there's a new v4.5 tamagotchi coming out soon! i am so mad because i just went through all this trouble trying to get a v.4, and now i have one, and NOW i really want the v4.5 so i will have to bug my parents to get me one! arrrgg i hate when bandai does this
  7. seriously? oh now i am jelous about the new v4.5 tama because i just got the v.4 and now i want to get the v4.5!!!
  8. u know there are some websites that let u bury ur tamagotchis i did it to all of mine who passed away
  9. a tamagotchi v4.5 better not be a new tamagotchi....this always happens; as soon as a new awesome tama comes into stores, they make ANOTHER new version, and so everyone is, like, practically wasting thier money buying all the the new ones that come out if u know what i mean
  10. hmm i dont know what happened maybe u accidentally put a costume on it or something
  11. i voted mimitchi because it is the only one of all those characters that i have gotten i want one again
  12. but ur tama cant use the cell phone unless it is an adult and has a parent. otherwise it wont be able to call anyone
  13. mine is a child! she is so adorable!! i luv her! her name is Kaya. she is lollypop306's tama's twin!!