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  1. I have 2 a glowing v 4 and a red and yellow v4
  2. mine brushes its teeth all the time.
  3. do they sell these in alabama if they do then were
  4. my hair is super straight and brunette but is sorta poofy because I have so much but it only goes to the tip of my nose.
  5. No ur tama gets turned into the match maker momentarily not get eaten by her
  6. Im 13 and only way 86 pounds and im a boy.
  7. Weaver,Al USA who else lives in Alabama
  8. ive had my v4 for 7 days and its on the 1st gen but it has a baby so almost 2.
  9. ty so much i needed to no because my ponytchi had a baby girl yesterday with a mametchi
  10. how long does the mother stay with her child and how long does the battery last.
  11. I dont know how to do my job in the office at tamatown how do i do it