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  1. I love Ke$shaaa! I bought her CD the first day it came out...and ever since I've been listening to it like almost every day. My favorites are Kiss 'N Tell, Your Love is My Drug, Take it Off, D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R, Tik Tok, and, well, all her songs are pretty good.
  2. For those who don't know who Stacey Q is, she's the one who had this hit right here: along with other hits like We Connect and Insecurity. Well, she's back and even "better than heaven" with her new album "Color Me Cinnamon" The album takes on a few genres of music including HI-NRG, Pop, and even rock! The album has had two singles released from it so far, "Trip" released last October, I belive, and "Pandora's Box" released recently just this February. PANDORA'S BOX Listen to previews from the album: http://www.hydramusicproductions.com/Store...re6/store6.html If you like this album pweeese support her by buying the CD and tell other people about it tooo. Oh and if you wanna download it: http://www.digstation.com/AlbumDetails.asp...id=ALB000043258
  3. I think the most I've played with is just two. Sadly, I no longer play with them though.
  4. Yeah, Farrah Fawcett... Its like the 70's and 80's died.
  5. For years there has been rumors that he's died...I'm seeing some reports where it hasn't even been fully confirmed yet that he is dead. But, I'm starting to think its true. This is the largest media outbreak yet about him dying. I can't believe he was about to do his comeback tour...He might have even given us a new album... A piece of me died when I heard this news. I even shed a few tears, too.
  6. I've missed 28! xP It surprises me so much how I didn't fail this year...
  7. Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. I have the Myspace for friends, Facebook for family, and Twitter to keep up with any celebrities I like.
  8. New camera lens. Ummm... * Sony Walkman X-1000 (When it comes out) * Money * Camera Film * More New Vinyl Records * Record Player xP * Member's Only Jacket * Jeans * T-shirts * Cartoon Network to live up to its name A lot of stuff I guess
  9. Well, its according to how its done. There's those with huge splotches of blue, small blotches, etc...personally, I like the more faded ones with the bunch of little splotches because they look a lot more decent and you have to look at it for a second to know its acid wash. But, anyways, enough about those.
  10. Dress like your from the 80's, your in style just about. Seriously. My mom said its almost like stepping into 1984 again. Its all slowly coming back. And if I'm correct, the bleach splotting technique your talking about is probably acid-wash. Very popular in the 80's, not new, they're back. And you said etc., so I'd also like to point out a lot of the newer music released today is very 80's influenced. I'm a guy, but I know these things. I love the 80's fashion comeback, but a lot of kids over-do it with the neon.
  11. Any rock....except I'm not so much into alternative. My favorite genre of rock would probably be emo.
  12. Hmmm...the infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup video and watching a sick lady at KFC prepare our food while sneezing and wiping her nose. :PP I've seen a lot of other things too...
  13. I see people up to their early 20's trick or treating. Its perfectly fine to go trick-or-treating at your age. I'm 13 and I plan on going every year until I graduate high school or something...
  14. 60 WPM. Its better than any of my friends, I suppose. :S