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  1. I must admit, this is brilliant. Although i'm not going to use it, because it DEFINITELY takes all of the fun out of earning tama points, codes, etc.
  2. mmmMMMMmmmMMMmmmMMMmmMMMMmmMMMMmmMMMmmmm....cheese. ima go get some righht nowww.
  3. Do you have to be an adult to use a bow, skirt, pencil, etc.? Because I have a teen tama, and it will not let me use any of the things above? Are they just useless items?
  4. Oh thank you! Wow....she really must be overweight. I've got a good work out plan for her tomorrow.
  5. Somebody help... unless it doesnt matter how heavy your pet is?
  6. Hello! I'm a new tamagotchi pet owner and I currently am taking care of a young meme. She is a year old and weights 32 lbs. Is she too heavy???!