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  1. eastbysoccergirl

    Broken heart

    If you like (:
  2. eastbysoccergirl

    My V1 and V4 log.

    How can v1 and v4 connect?
  3. eastbysoccergirl


    Oh... her's is 2 but ok, thanks
  4. eastbysoccergirl


    Hello Ya'll well my friends tamagotchi is like the chinese woman and she evolved today. Well you see, my friends tama is only 2 and they evolve into adults at the age of 3. I was wondering what happened and all and if anything went wrong... -Dani
  5. eastbysoccergirl

    What Happened?!

    Yes, thats what happened to me!. -dani
  6. eastbysoccergirl

    What Happened?!

    Oh, well her character can go to my house and shes on m y buddy list! her real characterbut ya im the mailman. yay... :0-(
  7. eastbysoccergirl

    What Happened?!

    Hello Everyone, well you see my friend has a v3 & I have a v4. we were connecting and then i saw her tamagotchi come on my screen. It was the nazotchi mailman, and that is not what her tama really is! It showed up on my buddylist like that also. Does anyone know anything abou t this??
  8. eastbysoccergirl

    Theres an station!

    When will they come out!?
  9. eastbysoccergirl

    A guide to Entama. and e-tamago

    Is this only for Japanese verisions?
  10. eastbysoccergirl


    Hey Everyone, My friends tama turned into the Hawikotchi tooth thing. I was wondering if this was a bad character, and she did also. If you have any info, post here! Thanks!
  11. eastbysoccergirl


    Okk, thanks guys! xoxx
  12. eastbysoccergirl


    Thanks anyway, but my character harutchi is not on the chart... i was wondering if anyone knew anything about this or what he could evolve into...?
  13. eastbysoccergirl

    Guess what?

    Thanks, I knew that, but still good to refresh my memory! hah :-) By the way, i have 5 tamas my self, and they're hard work! Whoops sorry (off topic) bye! xxo
  14. eastbysoccergirl

    Can you date?

    Oh my... my parents don't let me date. I mean reallyy! I'm 12 going on 13 I really like this boy named Ryder and he likes me! But nooooo i can't date!! ahhh!
  15. eastbysoccergirl


    Does anyone??