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  1. Yea I got detention before. Only 1 time though. It was in 5th grade. THIS IS A LONG STORY BTW!!! Ok so here it is: My teacher was mean and hated me for some reason even though I was good all the time and never talked (i'm shy). So it was the day before Spring Break and I told my teacher I forgot my homework on the table at home (which I did). So she counted it late. Then she gave me this paper tha I had to have my mom or dad sign then I had to bring it back to school and turn it in when we came back from break. So after break I put the paper in my folder that the teacher gave me and 1 to everyone else at the beginning of the year. Then when she (more like a student collected them because she was too lazy to get her FAT BUTT up and do it herself! ) collected the folders at the end of the class I wasn't done with the folder yet and the bell already rang for everyone to go home. I was hurrying to put everything in the folder. I put the paper in the folder but it was in the wrong spot. The next day she called me to her desk and she said "Where is your paper you were supposed to turn in as soon as we got back from break?". I said "I put it in the folder like you told me to". She said "Well it wasn't in there when I checked" and it WAS! I took my folder back to my desk and looked for the paper. It was behind a paper and the teacher I guess was too lazy to check behind papers! I was mad. Then I took the folder back up to her and said "It was in there it was behind a paper." she said "Well I couldn't see it." So then she gave me a detention anyways! I was soo mad. I took the detention slip home to have my mom sign it and told her why I got it. She laughed at me and said she got way more detentions when she was in school. I was crying though because I hated my teacher. (She was fat and mean. She also had a mii fridge in the classroom! Oh...and you know how the cabinits(sp?) are supposed to be filled with school supplies??? Well her cabinits were filled with JUNK FOOD AND EXTRA POP! She never shared it either! She would just sit they're eating in front of us!)
  2. I don't like it. I don't hate it either. But when she says "nobody's perfect", it makes her seem like she's perfect anyways. I really don't know how to put that though. I hope you kinda know what I mean! Oh, and it is kinda annoying.
  3. Well, i'm not gonna say i'm popular-because i'm not and i'm fine with that. Here's my definitions of cool and popular: Cool Constipated Over-rated Out-of-style LOSERS! Popular Preppy Over-rated Pretty...NOT!!! Underweight Lucky to get the "hot" NOT right! Anorexic(sp?) RETARDS!!! Those are MY definitions of cool and popular. And people who say they're "popular" are losers in my oppinion. They think they're better than EVERYBODY! And they think just because they're popular at school means they're popular EVERYWHERE ELSE too!!! They really get on my nerves! And they think they're "sooooo cool" but they're NOT! A lot of people probably think they're stupid, WAY too mean, rude, and I know a LOT of so called "popular" people laugh WAY too much. This is what I think.
  4. I like a lot of cereal. My favorite is French Toast Crunch. It's the cereal that looks like little pieces of french toast. I don't think they sell that anymore though which sucks. It was really good! But I also like Coco(sp?) Crispies, Frosted Flakes, Rice Crispies (I put sugar on them! ), Trix, Boo-Berry and those kinds of ghost thingymabobber cereals (lol), Fruit Loops, and Lucky Charms. I pretty much like all kinds of cereal!
  5. All I can say is I hate preppy girls (which also means the popular people at my school)...they're rude all the time, they think they're better than everybody, and all that other stuff. They're all snobs too. I'm in the middle though...i'm not popular but i'm not a loser. I'm fine with that and my friends are all in the middle...except 2. The 2 that aren't in the middle are popular but are nice and are my friends.
  6. Ooh one day earlier than me! xD I get out May 30.
  7. Food too. A complete party! lol. Food, cake, ice cream, party favors, gamnes, and decorations too! xD
  8. I tan sometimes! I like being tan! It makes me look good in bathingsuits! xD I'm not that pale to begin with though either. So even in the winter it looks like I have a little tan. But I do get sunburned a lot in the summer because i'm outside so much then. Last summer we went to Ocean City, Marylad on vacation and I got sunburned so bad my whole face, arms, and part of my legs were peeling really bad. It hurt but after that I was really tan! Here's a tip for if you get sunburned: Take a cold shower! It feels good on your sunburn. Especially your face! xD
  9. Wow a mansion?! That's awesome! xD Well on this list of people to invite to my party I made it has like, 37 people. I think i'll have it at the playground thing! xDD Thanks for the ideas! But I need more just in case! lol
  10. Just owe recess?! Your lucky you even get recess! NOBODY in my school gets recess because we're in Middle School. So you really have nothing to complain about. And a lot of teachers don't let kids say shut up in class. It's rude. Well yea this happened to me this year. In my homebase class (5th period) we were watching movies the whole week because of the Achievement Tests. So she has a fan that blows freezing cold air out (it's like air conditioning) and I had to sit right by it. She always says to us "If you ever get cold when that's on tell me and i'll shut it off." So this one day I was freezing and I asked her if she could shut it off. She said no. But what made me mad is that my friend said she was cold too. The teacher said if we were cold move to the other side of the room. But the bad thing about that is you can't see the TV. Then I moved over to the other side of the room anyways but my friend stayed over there and took my seat! I was sooo mad at her. So I was sitting on the other side of the room bored out of my mind while everybody else watched the movie. And the thing that made me REALLY mad is that after I moved to the other side the teacher shut the fan off!!! I think that teacher hates me...but I don't care because I hate her too!
  11. Hey guess what! I'm turning 13 June 19! But anyways i'm planing a HUGE party. It's kinda like a Sweet 16 party but it would be Sweet 13! lol. I need to have everything planned out by May 28. I get out of school for summer vacation May 30. So I have no idea where to have my party, what time the party will be, or what day the party will be! I need help!!! Here's some ideas where I want my party to be: ~at a playground (the reason for this place is so me and my friends can act silly and know we look stupid playing on a playground for little a public playground though-not a school playground. ) ~at my house That's all I have so far. PLEASE HELP ME! I NEED IDEAS!!!
  12. No I don't like to go there. Too many bras, underwear, etc. on those models with um...big...erm...well you know what I mean right? The only time I go in there is when I HAVE to go in there with my mom. And who hates the mall?! lol
  13. What is Pokemon crater??? I think I MIGHT have heard of it before but i'm not sure...
  14. Actually -even though you said not to say it- I think it's just a really, really, REALLY big crush. I've had that same experience. But how you say "NEVER FALL IN LOVE!"...why not?! Everybody wants to fall in love sooner or later, and if you like this kid why are you say "NEVER FALL IN LOVE!"?!???! But like I said, this is just a really big crush you have on this kid. It's not exactly "true love"until you actually know for sure (and I mean 100% sure) that he likes you back. Then id he does like you back then you become bf/gf then you can say it's "true love".