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  1. I just got another tamagotchi and it is v4.I named her cute becaus that's how it looks. And today it is a teen-they grow up so fast Anyways,my other v4 is on it's second genaration.It is a boy so I called it Frank.Cute just graduated from preschool.She has Mr.Canvas for her teacher.I just went on tamatown and I visited Frank's parent.She gave me a chest.I got a drum!That is it 4 now.Read my next blogs soon!
  2. Emmarb39's log for her V-2 Part one I got a v-2 now!This is it's log. Name:Dude Gender:Boy Age:0 Stage:Teens,UFO(!) It is about lunch time so I should feed him.Oh,and I cannot forget to feed my v-4,v-3 and the v-1 that I am babysitting.I have a mimitchi costume and I might use it if I get an ugly character.I just got it yesterday and I took it to school-I kept it in my desk.Dude was being very good so I gave him a treat at lunch.Dude looooves treats sooo much.
  3. My tama died it was healthy but it wasnt an oldie.It flew up the screen in to heavin. Stop bunny from world domination!!!
  4. I have a V4 and it is a toddler and the problem is i didnt get mail yet. I need to know y.
  5. HOW TO MAKE A CASE 4 WINTER IF U CANT AFFORD A PET POUCH Youll need this: 1.Cut the cardboard so that it is just big to tissue box & tissue(4-6 sheets) fit on the hole on the tissue box.DO NOT Cardboard ATTATCH IT YET scissors 2.Fill the box with tissue. tape 3.You can now take 1 end of the cardboard and stick it on top so its like a flap. Keep your tamas in here
  6. Yes the robber came.If he stole alot then i will give you advice.On mimic press the button 1 second be 4 your tama does the next pose.u will win.
  7. Q:I just got a new V3.My best friend has V2 and she would be sooooooooooo glad if she could see how a V3 works.Should I share it with her?(take turns taking it home and stuff)She really takes good care of her stuff.Should I? PM me if you know if I should.
  8. I hope my V4 will be on gen.3 soon because the mom has not left yet.Same with my V3.They are just dancing around right now.Both babies seem to do the same thing at the same time.I thing they will be good friends.
  9. So tamagotchis are soooooooooo cool.I have 2 but I used 2 have a green 1.I do not have it any more 'cause it broke.1 day I checked on it but the picture was messed up.No character,all I saw was a bunch of those black things on the corner.It was beeping like crazy. last character: baby
  10. Ooh,i know,it is groos:huh:
  11. My tamagotchi V3 kept needing new batteries yesterday.Is it some glitch,or it really does.Can someone help me?I need help. :angry
  12. Oh,that's how you do it.Thanks!I was confused at first.
  13. I am new.I have 1 V3 and 1 V4.The V3 is a summer night style and my V4 is orange circle style.Today I found some cool codes. V4 codes Pen-BBCA CCCA(15000gp) Honey-CCBA AABB(7000gp) Steak-ACAB ACAC(1400gp) Clone-BAAB ACBA(14000gp) CD3-CAAA BACB(free because it gives you a cellphone) I am not putting the code that made me re-set here because it might happen to you.