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    Hi, My names Michelle, on the weekend I convince my nana to give me all her chocolate and my hobbies are eating, sleeping and annoying people.<br>-Teacher looks scared then avoids me for the rest of the lesson-<br><br>Seriously. Thats my life in a nutshell.<br><br>You either love me or can't stand me.<br><br>SERIOUSLY. ADD ME ON MSN OR I EAT YOU.<br><br>1 + 1 = the 3 hobos that stole my peanut.

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  1. ^^ Ahh. I caught mine posting rude comments with bad words and my account was logged in so I have that. Mwahahahahaha.
  2. ^^ Samies. I use blackmail on my brother. I'm such and evil one.
  3. I see my goldfish as my baby. His name is Bob and I got him when I was 9. My cats and dog are more like siblings.
  4. Puppy-dog. My geniune silver and emerald bunny pendant. My blanket. I don't care about MP3's, cellphones, computer or other electronic things. They are replaceable and have no emotional connection.
  5. He took drinks from his water bottle then squirted water over the crowd and once spat water into the crowd. Since we were up at the barracade we got Trace germs all over us. Jealous? It was odd. He's such a crowd pleaser. And i'm jealous of Ash's Aunt Nessie. She was their back stage assistant. She asked if we could go backstage but sercurity told her no... GAH.
  6. I saw them live last night. Trace just acts as if he runs the show and he swore alot. They are amzing live but just on my MP3 and such I don't like them. I'm odd, yes.
  7. One of them is feeding a peanut cookie to someone who has a nut allergy. I didn't know about the allergy! Geez.
  8. I narrowly avoided my uncles house but one of my friends was evacuated but it didn't get to her house. Thank goodness for that. We had a fundraiser for them and raised over $2000. YAY!
  9. We got given plastic jars and were all like WTC then we were told we had to go catch bugs!!! We went way out of bounds and missed the call to come inside so we came in 20 minutes late and shes like 'Nice to see you girls' and we laughed.
  10. I do what ever is in my surroundings at the time. Like now. I've got the laptop in front of me on the edge counter and to my left I am cooking dinner! dang mum had to leave me as the only one who can cook an edible meal. Gah. Now i've just gone and got cheese and oooh someone text me.... -Texts back- got out cheese grater. Now all I got to do is grate the cheese. I grated the cheese now I hope this is a non stick pan... I just got pout some bowls and stupid face microwaved his main and is eating it waiting for me to dish up all our side dish... I just called everyone to get their food. I got bored so I took some photos and you'll see them in the Pics topic soon.
  11. Mwahahahaha. I shall announce myself soon. I shall stalk around first, obviously.
  12. I fail at art. But when I got my new crayons I was compelled to draw so I love crayon drawings because crayon just screams 5 YEAR OLD! I drawed Laura and Maddy some pathetic pictures and Laura drawed one too!