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  1. Remember that one time I said i'd be here even when I was 21? Welp.

  2. Welp, it's been a bloody while.

  3. Mfw no posts. Ever.

    1. Swan_Song


      Cool yo engines son!

  4. Excuse me, Mr Johnson, I recently ordered a batch of personality cores but the batch i received were all faulty. What's your policy on refunds?

  5. So, how about those riots in london?

  6. > make an RP. > Drum up no interest.


  8. Snipin's a good job, mate.

  9. I believe it's trolling time.

  10. I do believe that this is a post.

  11. Happy Halloween boys and ghouls

  12. Like this a-...Oh wait this isn't facebook.

    1. wameed98


      lmfao ... where is the like button?

    2. wameed98


      lmfao ... where is the like button?

  13. [#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system. Oh lords

    1. shorty4u


      for real? wow...i haven't been on in FOREVER!! O_O

  14. The town still burns, a cleansing fire! Time is short, I'LL SOON RETIRE!

  15. Fire consumes, you've tried and failed! Let there be no doubt, justice prevailed!