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  1. Just ordered both designs of this. Can't wait to give them a go!
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  5. Excuse me, Mr Johnson, I recently ordered a batch of personality cores but the batch i received were all faulty. What's your policy on refunds?

  6. So, how about those riots in london?

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      lmfao ... where is the like button?

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  15. The town still burns, a cleansing fire! Time is short, I'LL SOON RETIRE!

  16. Fire consumes, you've tried and failed! Let there be no doubt, justice prevailed!

  17. Well now...It seems there's a new Tama DS game out there. If anyone could translate, go for it. Don't know the title of the game.
  18. Vicinity of Obscenity - System of a Down
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  20. Well there I am...lying dead on the pavement. They can't figure out what drove me to do it, the saps. They scratch their brains, hire their white-coats to figure it all out. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Spoiler, Spoiler Gearcrank. An odd name I know's all momma could think of after I hid her tools. This is my tale of how I found something you'd never believe...and the crushing last moments of realisation. It all began when I moved into my own place in a sleepy suburb somewhere in New York. Only a little apartment but it suited me well. I...didn't really make many friends but that suited me too. I had finally finished packing away my things inside the closet and eventually called it a night. Oh, what a comfortable bed it sleeping on a cloud. Did I mention that the clouds there look a lot like mushrooms? No? Oh...well then...nevermind. When I did fall asleep I was instantly jolted awake from a falling sensation. I sleepily crawled out of bed and opened the closet, expecting to see my posessions. Shadowy hands grabbed my shoulders and yanked me inside. I screamed and kicked but it did nothing to help me. Eventually they dropped me inside a circular room with several doors. I remember how I shivered and whimpered as the atmosphere around me seemed to compress against me and OH how my head pounded just from looking at the doors! One door in particular seemed to call out to was a regular brown door but instead of a handle it had a strange hand with an eye in the palm. I gently poked the eye. Bad move. The world seemed to violently snap upside down and then back upright in such a violent motion. I opened my scared eyes only to be looking back into a large yellow eye which, oddly, was bleeding from the pupil. I turned my attention away from the eye to survey my surroundings. There were no floor. Nothing. Just me and this eye. I took a few steps back and yelped at the sudden eruption of sound and colour from my footsteps. Panic settled in and, stupidly, I ran as fast as I could. I was so desperate to find a way out. Hours must've passed since I finally caved in and curled up on the floor. My head was no longer hurting and my stomach felt light...but I was still trapped. I remember sitting up after hearing a faint heart must've skipped a beat as i saw the door hovering in front of me. In a flash i grabbed the hand and was whisked back to the 'lobby', as i now saw it. Now you'd probably think that i would find a way out of this place and return home, right? Well you'd be wrong. I ended up exploring the lobby, picking out the next door to explore. My fears were gone and i was warming up to this place. I had decided to venture into the next door i could find and fortunately that very door smelled a lot more inviting. I think it had red stripes and had a faint popcorn fragrance...i was never too sure. My mind was screaming "OPEN IT!" while my body was whispering "Walk away..." I had decided to ignore my body and wrenched the door open anyway. I had stepped inside a grey and dreary bigtop that was empty...or so i thought until some voice boomed into existance. "Come one! Come all! To the Twisted Circus!" I think it the time I was too busy looking for the source. A tall man in a striped suit and tophat bounded towards me, his eyes completely hollow and black and his smile formed out of scars. "WELCOME! We haven't had visitors since we opened!", He cheered. He took my hand and shook so hard I thought he'd tear it off. We sat and talked about how we got here and what we did..and he seemed very interested by my tale. "Oh pardon me, I never introduced myself. Th'name's Jason Kroeger". Although...thinking back on it now, something seemed off about this Jason guy. He had no eyes yet he followed my every movement and he kept licking his lips everytime I spoke...he was very odd indeed. "Y'know, Spoiler...I could kill you right now..In fact, I WILL!". Without having time to react he had grabbed my throat and was strangling with such a tight grip. I choked and struggled before closing my eyes, landing with a heavy thud. I was back in the 'Lobby' and my heart was still beating like a thunderstorm. Oddly enough, I recall wanting to go back into that door...I liked being strangled. It didn't didn't scare felt so warm and welcoming. As the hours passed so had I through each and every door in this Closet. I had met so many strange and eccentric people and each of them were a joy to talk to! Even when they tried to welcome me with knives and blood, how thoughtful of them. The last door, however, took me to a place I never wanted to see. I was back in my room, the same boring four walls...but something was new. A red, leather-bound, journal at the foot of my bed. I pinched myself quickly and, i think, it hurt..a lot. I must've spent a good while reading that journal until a splitting pain in my mind stopped me. I felt so crushed by the truth that i threw the journal across the room, leaping out the bed and to the closet. I almost tore the door of it's hinges and closed my eyes as I waited for the hands to grab me again. Nothing. I opened my eyes and guess what I saw. That's right. My belongings. My worthless, stupid, useless belongings. Nothing made sense anymore. I remember just kicking the wall in sheer frustration..How I wanted to go back so badly. I wandered out onto the balcony and looked down. It was either the fresh air or the sudden quiet that really caused my mind to backflip on me. It was all in my head, a dream, a fantasy, my wants and desires all rolled into one torturing dream! I was beside myself with rage! I was stuck with common rules again, No friends, no family! I slowly began to laugh as i finally realised what i had to do. I clambered onto the Balcony edge and spread my arms wide. I think some old lady saw this and screamed in panic...although it could've been a passing seagull..I don't really care which. I let gravity grab me and pull me down towards the concrete floor, a good 10 stories down, at great speeds. They flashed into my mind as I fell, waving and smiling. They knew I was coming back to stay. I laughed as I plummeted, embracing the sheer panic that my mind was wrapping itself in...and then..nothing. So that's my tale. And I'm still with the people in the closet now. They say hello and wish that you could join us for a spot of tea.
  21. This boy was a special boy. His heart was mechanical and his body was only half alive...but he was more alive than any person he knew. Everyday he'd walk around the city and say hello to every stranger and leave a nickel in the homeless persons cup. His muscles were weak and his voice was hoarse but his words and actions spoke louder than any politician. He continued these good deeds until he crossed one particular person. This girl was the opposite to this boy in terms of emotion. Her brash and jagged heart only knew negativity in life. The boy tried to comfort her jagged heart, cutting himself while attempting but he strived anyhow. She pushed him down to the ground, thinking he was doing wrong. "What are you doing!?" She screamed, hugging herself tightly. "Leave me alone! this!". A large amount of blood spewed from her mouth as she dribbled the word 'Happy'. This girl truely was a monster of her emotions creation. The boy saw no other way of reacting...he slowly got up and wrapped her in a hug. This kind and unselfish deed was only met by the sudden Snikt of blade meeting flesh. Countless spikes jutted from her heart into his body, rendering it even more dead. "I. Dont. Need. Your. HELP!" She screamed, pushing his lifeless body from the spikes. ...but then, as she looked down at the blood and body, she began to realise her mistake. He only wanted to help, and she had killed the only person who approached her. From that day forward, on the same street, she'd walk and say hello to every stranger...and leave a nickel in the homeless mans cup. But, unlike the boys routine, she'd add another flower to his makeshift grave. By the end of her life..she had managed to spell out, in countless flowers, "Thank you, kind one". The end.
  22. The BB_Behemoth would like a word with you.