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  1. well first of all check if all happy and hunger hearts are filled if they are it might want something ive had that happen to mi v2 i just left it and it went away i was playin games in no time
  2. thx for reading my guide i hope you all liked it PS: that took like three days to type up.
  3. It doesnt mean anything it just means your tamagotchi is still in pre-school, when its in pre-school it doesnt determine its job, its how much skill points you get.
  4. wats better coke or pepsi i prefer coke
  5. im actually not isure i think u get it from the king in the mail same as the boquet
  6. and also i didnt copy and paste that info i typed it all up myself
  7. well how do u peeps like the guide and by the way watchamacallit is rite i did get other tips and put them together but onli to make it easier for others to find one quick simple guide
  8. my x gf called me a boy s-l-u-t
  9. COMPLETE TAMAGOTCHI V4 TIPS GUIDE Here is everything I know about tamagotchi v4’s all in 1 simple guide SHOP CODES Go into the shop but leave it on the shop keeper press A 3 time and punch these codes in. 1. BBCA CCCA = Pen 2. ACAB ACAC = Steak 3. BAAB ACBA = !! (Clone) 4. CCBA AABB = Love potion 5. CAAA BCAB = CD3 P.S The last code you type will give you a RARE CELL PHONE! Instead, so I recommend that you type in CD3’s code last because when you do it again (type in the CD3 code) it costs 0gp. P.SS If you type the same code twice the item will now have a price. FOODS THAT RAISE SKILL POINTS These foods raise intelligence by one: Beef Ice-cream These foods raise intelligence by two: Omelette These foods raise intelligence by three: Fish These foods raise fashion by one: Cherry Cheesecake These foods raise fashion by two: Cupcake These foods raise fashion by three: Donut These foods raise kindness by one: Sandwich Grapes These food raise kindness by two: Corn These foods raise kindness by three: Bananas These foods raise points in all areas by one: Melon These foods raise points in all areas by two: Yoghurt SHOP CHANGING TIMES The shop will change at these times: 6:59 wait 1 minute 2:59 wait 1 minute MATCHMAKER TIME When you are 6 years and above set your clock on the tamagotchi to 10:29 wait 1 minute if you get mail when it reaches 10:30 do it again JOB INFORMATION These jobs you will get depending on your intelligence Hospital Bank School Laboratory TV Studio These jobs you will get depending on your Fashion (Star) Rock Star Bakery Hairdressers Fashion Designer Florists These jobs you will get depending on your Kindness Travel Guide Fire Truck Kindergarten Restaurant Amusement Park SCHOOL TIP When you get mail labelled [!] and you’re a teen answer it because it might be for school when it shows you the teacher Mr Turtlepedia press C and it will switch to Ms Flower Than press C again and it will switch Mr Canvas Mr Turtlepedia gives you intelligence Ms Flower gives you fashion Mr Canvas gives you Kindness SECRET PASSWORDS 40690 89391 gives you a play house 52815 99088 gives you a slide MAIL TIMES Fortune Cookie: 12:59pm and 3:59pm and 7:59am Envelope/burgerlar/King: 6:29pm and 4:29 and 9:29 and 1:29 Important Letters [!]: 6:59pm V4 TAMATOWN SOUVENIRS 1. Passport 2. Brochure 3. Car 4. Picture Book 5. Organ 6. Graduation Cap 7. Graduation Cape 8. Dumbbells 9. Treadmill 10. Maple Leaf 11. N.Y. Shirt 12. Sumo 13. Eiffel Tower 14. Elephant 15. Scepter 16. Sword 17. Shield 18. Stamp 19. Box 20. Smoothie 21. Jug of Milk 22. Hammer 23. Ladder 24. Drill 25. Poster 1 26. Poster 2 27. Photo ID 28. Action Figure 29. Gold Disk 30. Wedding Dress 31. Trophy 32. Lap Top PC But the only ones that you can get right now are the poster 2, shield, sword, scepter, brochure, passport, Eiffel tower, elephant, Maple leaf, N.Y shirt, sumo, graduation cape and the graduation cape. SHOP ITEMS AND THEIR PRICES These are all the shop items you can buy or purchase The word will be the item and the number is the price There will be * on the end of all items new on v4 And ~ means obtained by code or password Shirt 2200 RC UFO* 4800 Soccer Ball* 2000 Wig 2000 Umbrella 1800 Maracas 1600 Building Block 1400 Cap 1200 Bow 1000 Lamp 900 Ball 500 Chest 300 Pencil 200 Shovel 200 Plant 900 Make-up 200 Fishing Rod 600 Mirror 4300 Playhouse*~ Free !!~ 14000 Bouquet* Free Music 2800 CD2* 2000 Cuckoo Clock 7000 UFO 50000 Piano* 28000 Japan* 20000 Africa* 15000 New York* 10000 France* 10000 Canada* 12000 Stereo* 9000 Guitar* 8000 Trumpet 6400 Drum 3800 Roller skates 3000 Jeans* 2800 RC Helicopter* 2400 Doll 2200 Skirt* 2200 Action Figure 2200 Sunglasses 1600 Slide*~ Free Pen~ 15000 Cell Phone*~ Free CD1* 2000 Ring* Free CELL PHONE NUMBERS When you get the RARE CELL PHONE use it (adults only) and punch in these codes Preschool Teacher AACC CABA Mr Turtlepedia ACCB CAAB Ms Flower CBBC BABB Mr Canvas BBAC CAAB Grandparent CCAC BCBA Parent AABA CCBB The King BABC AAAB A FAST WAY OF GETTING MONEY Log onto www.tamatown.com and go to the arcade and play the ring toss game. Every time you play try to get the golden money bag if you do you get 300gp so keep playing. BYE BYE! Thank you for reading my guide and one more tip just don’t let your tamagotchi die! Well BYE BYE! ~TAMA~MAN~ Please reply if u like it
  10. im allergic to the worst thing DUST MITES! u may not know wat they r but they are little mircroscopic bugs that are in beds couches and other things they are practically evrywhere! thats why im always sneezin!
  11. im allergic to the worst thing DUST MITES! u may not know wat they r but they are little mircroscopic bugs that are in beds couches and other things they are practically evrywhere! thats why im always sneezin!
  13. Ok to not get ur tama confiscated all you have to do is the turn the sound off, and every know and then ask the teacher if u can go to the toilet if she says yes got in a toilet cubicle thing and check on it facing the toilet so when some people look under (i dont know why) they wont know ur using ur tama. Than why'll your in there feed ur tama and check the store and do wateva!! hope i helped