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  1. Be yourself. You shouldnt let other people comments affect you. If playing with tamagotchis is one of your interest, why not play with it ? It doesnt hurts to just ignore people comments about it .
  2. Well done binary! [: Now with all this points,i'll be able to buy lots of stuffs for my tamagotchis. Three cheers for binary!
  3. I seriously cannot stand it anymore . The tamagotchi version 5 was released months ago in usa. As im not a resident in usa,while i stay at singapore,i can understand that it may take weeks time for tamagotchi version 5 to be released into singapore . The tamagotchi version 4 was released in usa , about february last year . And as chinese new year was around that corner,after it , i went to the store where i usually bought my tamagotchis to check . To my surprise,they were there.I happily bought one , and it was till now,the kuchipatchi pattern with pink background. But this time , for the tamagotchi version 5 , i waited months and months for it . Almost four months,it was june now , and the tamagotch version 5 havent even released in singapore yet. Everytime i went out ( as the store is quite far away from my house , not like you all , have walmart , singapore does have toys r us , but its far away from my house ) , and i went to the store to check out whether it has arrived or not. I went there with a high hope of getting it, but to be returned with empty hands when informed of it was not released yet. I cannot do online shopping as my parents dont allow , so if anyone stay at singapore,and has bought their tamagotchi ( without ordering in the net ) , and has found some places that it was already released,could you kindly tell me ? Thanks in advance, PiinkishAverlyn
  4. Well,as some of you know,i live in singapore,so tamagotchi might arrive later than you . When the usa have tamagotchi version four,after about two weeks we already had it , same with the tamagotchi version 4.5 . But this time,the usa some of them have already bought their tamagotchi version five while singapore doesnt even have any stock at all . I want to get it before chinese new year at my country so i will not be so bored when my cousins have all go back home because my mother usually stay after chinese new year few days at my grandma house to clear up . Can anyone tell me when will the tamagotchi v5 will arrive ? For those who get their tamagotchi version 5 in singapore already,kindly tell me where you buy from . Thanks ! PiinkishAverlyn
  5. Ok,as some of you know,i live in singapore,can anyone tell me when will i lik get the tamagotchi v5 in singapore ? Because,it is like always you all get the tamagotchi first in usa,then my country singapore was like , the last country to get those tamagotchis ? Any information or help would be much appreciated. Thank you ! PiinkishAverlyn
  6. The year 2007 is ending soon . What are your regrets and prouds of this year ? And,what is your resolution of next year ? My regrets : Being too addicted to the computer and neglected my results and let teachers and my parents to be extra worried about me . My prouds : Being able to achieve excellent marks in my chinese as usual from year 1-year 6 . Make my friends clear out the misunderstand of what they had of me . My resolution : To study more next year,not be so addicted to the computer,and make new friends . So whats yours ? Care to share ? PiinkishAverlyn
  7. In my country singapore,the things are more expensive than usa and some countries.From a tamagotchi which costs 15 dollars at your country,it costs 29.95 for a tamagotchi [ from version 1 - 4 ] But the recent tamagotchi v4.5 was more expensive,it costs $39.95 . At first,i thought it was a mistake . I asked the salesgirl and they said that it was a more newer version so it is more expensive.And if im not wrong,if there is a tamagotchi v4.5 pc pack in singapore,[ i have not seen one appearing on stores before ] , it will cost around $50-$60+ . More expensive ehs ? T.T PiinkishAverlyn
  8. I got a v3 . I will join. PiinkishAverlyn
  9. Ni hao . Wo shi leng kwan hui. Jin nian shi er sui . Zhai Jian
  10. Yup .. Lets talk But .. my computer cannot type chinese words .. so how can we talk in chinese ? PiinkishAverlyn
  11. Well,in my country singapore ,we learn both english and chinese. So maybe i could help you all a bit if you all need any help on chinese like meaning or how to pronouce it . I will explain and type in english because my computer cant type chinese words,it only can type english words . Hope i can help you ^^ PiinkishAverlyn
  12. I have a friend,whose name is A. We have been great friends since the last 2 years,and we have maintain our good relationship .. until this year . This year,she just join a group of friends,which i thought : i must give her some space to make new friends .. and i didnt look much into it .. until one day .. She still stay contact with me when i sms her or i call her during the night . But on the day,when we have school,she will say out insulting remarks and things that hurt me to her friends, such as : disgusting girl .. dont stand behind her .. and all the things that hurt me. Before she say all this insulting remarks to me , i have given her a tamagotchi v4 , as a pledge of friendship token to her . Now i want it back from her, when our teacher brought us to the computer lab , i online msn , and not soon after,she also online. I told her that i want back my tamagotchi , and she say fine,take it take it . But she still have not returned my tamagotchi until now . And when i reach school, she will keep saying bad words and insulting words about me to her friends. I have try to ignore her but soon after, i realised that she was pushing me off my tolerance level . So friends , can you help me to solve this problem ? I want to get back my tamagotchi and at the same time,stop her from saying more bad words about me . Thanks , PiinkishAverlyn
  13. I've gone through like 5 months without them . The reason is because i have been playing them with all the time and its getting bored and i decided to give myself a break from it . Your merely 1 month break from tamagotchi is no big deal . Other people have gone through more than that . PiinkishAverlyn
  14. Sho Cute And Adorable! Nice Work! Thank YouFor Making Tamatalk A Video / Shortclip . PiinkisAverlyn
  15. Because You Eat Too Much Metal Why am i such a nintendo fan but i didnt have enough money to buy most of the console ?