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    What do you want to see in Webkinz? New animals, new ideas, room themes, games I would really like for your pet to sit down at dinner and have a plate of food. That would be cool. Also, I think an arcade room theme would be really cool, and you could design the front yard of your house. Also, you could buy indoor pools and bunk beds for your room. That would be REALLY COOL! What is your input?
  3. ALOTTTTT I really like Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha Saint Veronica By Billy Talent For your Entertainment By Adam Lambert Perfect By Hedley Burn it to the Ground By NickelBack According to you By Orianthi Turn it Up By Stereos
  4. 8/10 Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch.HE decides what time it is
  5. I Have 5 i think Fish horse Dog Frog Monkey hmmmmm I think I am right
  6. They might have lied when they said that the code has been unopened, you never know when you buy Webkinz on the internet
  7. Guess what everybody? a little green irish man will be going around in the clubhouse tomorrow, giving out rainbow treats. Get ready!!
  8. I am pretty sure that when you get another code, you have to put it in during a certain time period, and if you put the code in during the grace period, you get about a month extra
  9. Guess What !!!! I found another code for everybody!!! THE DETECTIVE CAP: blue ball cap, red ball cap, tan suit jacket The rest of the codes that are for the clothing machine is the sparkly silver jacket and the seaside song (I think)
  10. Is used for making cookies! (I saw your Avvie) Bananas
  11. Because Micheal JAckson just sang thriller to you Why am I sniffling?
  12. Scissors are used for picking your nose washing your hair Oranges
  13. I got The encyclopedia of immaturity 1 and 2 Hand Sanitizer Face wash Art set with sketch pencils and stuff Card supplies(I make cards) Itunes gift cards Wii games Winter coat Skinny Jeans Really nice blouse Arm Warmers Ski Goggles Plaid Dress Leggings Body spray Bubble vest Detective Kit, it includes fingerprint kits and things like that Water bottle Lip Gloss Jewelery Sweaters Shampoo and Conditioner Socks Underwear I am soo lucky to be able to have all these thing and such a caring family. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH
  14. How do you draw a line through the text when you post something? I didn't really know what this was, and have been wondering for a long time. Thanks for your help Yoman
  15. PJ's with a reindeer on it with crazy antlers, the pj's are pink though
  16. I HATE That Last year, my cousin, my sister, and me made a deal with our grandma. If we washed the dishes, and dried them, we got to open the first presents. When we finally finished, we ran downstairs and my cousin and sister opened their gifts. Then my aunt comes along, and gives a present to her son! I got so mad at her, but never told her. It was hectic, everybody was opening their gifts at the exact same times, and nobody got to see wut other people got UGGGG EVERYTHING ABOUT CHRISTMAS(I like)
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    O.K, so this is how it works. I will post a riddle, description, or unclear picture of the animal and the person below you will have to guess what animal it is. If they get it wrong, well, it doesn't matter, as long as they post another animal. The person's animal they got wrong will have to post what the actual animal is, at some point or another. Also, include WHO got your animal wrong. Other than that, have fun! OK this is the first picture Blurry, Ghostly picture Can anybody guess it? Yoman
  18. Hi Guys! Ms Birdy is now in the dark blue go fish room, if anybody needs her Post if you find her!
  19. Let's seee Hallmark(I know retarted, right?) Facebook Twitter Myspace Too many to count, I don't remember Dx
  20. uhhhh...you guys, you ARE supposed to post ya know! Please?!?!?!?!?!
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    Webkinz Chat

    I added you! My username is ponddude , if anybody wants to add me.
  22. I was wondering if anybody has read The 39 Clues books? I have read the first one and just bought the second one at Chapters. If so, do you guys go onto the website? If you do, would you PM me to tell me the code on your ID Card? Website is www.the39clues.com! Yoman