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  1. I have read the whole series! There are really good! Very interesting and intense at some points and sometime a little bit sad too:( But, overall, I think that you should read the series. It also takes VERY long to read. It took me about 7 days to ready one book! *InkHeart *InkSpell *InkDeath By: Cornelia Funke
  2. What do you guys want for Christmas?
  3. yoman

    Fave game

    my favourite game is in the tournament area. They are called Webkinz chef Challenge and Webkinz Supermodelz. I also like playing picinic. Colour Storm gave you the most money, but now it is gone
  4. I LOVE THAT SONG! some of my fav songs are: 21 guns: Green day Down: Jay Sean Know your Enemy: 21 guns Sexy Chic: Akon and David Guetta( i think that is the correct spelling) Good Girls go Bad: Cobra Starship Devil on my Shoulder: Billy Talent G-Get up and Dance: Faber Drive Cha-Ching: Hedley Hotel Room Service: Pitbull Throw Ya Hands Up: Stereos No Surprise: Nickel Back FunHouse: P!ink and Yalla Habibi: Karl Wolf
  5. My 'lil cuz's birthday was on the 3rd so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! And mine is on the 15th of October and my other 'lil cuz's b-day is on the 16th of October. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYBODY'S WHO'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY XD BIRTHDAY COOL I JUST TRIED THAT OUT LOL
  6. I have tried to figure out the recipe for the SPARKLY SILVER JACKET. IT is NOT the sparkly silver bow, tuxedo shoes and Academy blazer. This doesn't mean that none of these items will work.
  7. Some of the codes that have not been solved are the: * Clown Nose * Clown Shoes * Clown Wig * Detective Cap * Fairy Princess Ball Gown * Seaside Sarong * Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket * Superhero Mask * Superhero Outfit * Superhero Shoes * Venetian Mask This is the link to see the pictures Unsolved items for clothing machine
  8. I have found out two more codes!! TIE DIE SHIRT: Purple pajama top, Flower Power swimsuit top, Blue Fleece Sweater SPARKLY SILVER PANTS: Tan Suit Pants, Sparkly Pink Bow, Tuxedo Shoes
  9. yoman

    My raffles

    I would like to enter...but has this contest raffle already ended? What is the raffles for? Thanks Yoman
  10. No problem! It is in the W shop and it is called the Kinz Style outlet. When you go to the store, you will see a tag marked "Clothing machine" Mixing non recipes will result into patchwork clothing. Its O.K though. you can still wear those.
  11. what does bumped Topic mean?
  12. G-Get up and dance by oh geez I forget now dang OH RIGHT Faber drive LOVE THAT SONG ALSO!!!! GReen Day 21 Guns
  13. Hi I have never met you or seen you before I rate you a...... 10/10 I really like your username
  14. yay finally in high school and am lovin it. even the learning part ( most of the time)
  15. Hey Everybody I have codes that work for the clothing machine GLASS SLIPPERS: Funky Girl Glasses, Princess Hat, and Ruby Slippers PATCHED DENIM JACKET: Green Layered Tee, Purple Layered Tee, and Jeans WIZARD'S APPRENTICE ROBE: Academy Sweater, Tuxedo Pants, and Wizard’s Hat TOY SOLDIER COAT: Dogbeards Coat, Mod jacket, and red Sneakers TOGA: White Jeans. Kinzville Academy Skirt, and Flip Flops COWGIRL DRESS: Cow Poke Top, Cowboy hat, Smocked Sundress Add any attempts for new different clothing items used for the clothing machine OR if you find new "Recipes." Thanxs for looking -Yoman
  16. yoman

    Webkinz Chat

    It is called the clothing machine I have some codes If you want some please PM me Thanxs -Yoman
  17. It kind of is...there is a whole ton of games there like arcade games...so I guess you could call it an arcade
  18. Bored.....just wondering if any of you guys go to playdium, it counts if you go on the go karts! xD What age do you have to be to get on the go karts? See ya later yoman
  19. OMG Me too! I thought the car was going to catch on fire or something!
  20. 10/10 I love pickles YUMMY! Awesome Motorcycle
  21. 6/10 Yummy..but would be better if it was real! LOL Otical illusions
  22. 9/10 That is so pretty did you take that picture? I need a hug.
  23. 7/10 When Was that? That is soo cool Ohhh so Sweet!!
  24. Fun-ky sguilly line Le-mon 8D Don' know the word for that
  25. Oh..they are so cute I love them. But I don't have One...the only dog I have is a dalmation named Spotty I wish I did have one!