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  1. i haven't got a v4.5 but i can speak japanese
  2. thanx, but do u no if u can get them in australia? and if u cant, when do u think?
  3. when does the v4.5 come 2 australia?
  4. hey, where can you get v4.5's? can u get them in australia? and if not, when? thanx makiko_girl
  5. oh, srri, mayB u heard mi rong. i think i am a nerd, but i am still punk. laura p.s i hope that helped suming it up
  6. hey, o.k, what job do you want when you are older, or u already have? thanx laura p.s you guys/gals rock if u answer!
  7. hey guyz, o.k, i need help. what iz a really nerd, and do u think you r 1? cuz my bf's friends call me a nerd, but i'm not! i'm punk! just cuz i got an A in maths! laura the *pUnK*
  8. hey, CourtneeMalakian r u dissing avril!? well, if you h8 the way she lookz, well then u h8 da way i dress! i wear punk, so dont dis it, it makez me not want 2 be punk! oh, i can wear punk, my friend <3 the way i look! laura p.s srry bout that, its really anoing that people judge me!
  9. O.M.G.! u lyk elmo to? how cool. i looovvvvvvveeeee elmo ,and i so want to meat the puppet. laura p.s there is a site which u can email sesame street puppets, it cool as! the address is: well, that is to go into elmos world, but from there, you can go to otha characters!
  10. ok. can you please help me think of some really cute cat names? here is what i need 1. it can be a boy or a girl name 2. you can say your cat or any animals name 3. you can say as many as you can think of 4. if it is one which rescribs a colour of fur the cat has, e.g tiger for a orange cat please say what colour thank-you so much for the help laura p.s my cat died very resently, and i need to think of cat names... a.s.a.p.
  11. O.M.G! the same thing happened 2 me. on the 19th of june! my gorgeous kitten gus (he was only 1 year old) and he got run over. so he had his bladder really full, and then the next day (THE DAY HE DIED WAS TODAY, SO TODAY IS THE 19, AND WHEN HE GOT RUN-OVER IT WAS THE 18TH) he went to the vet, and they said he had to be put down! so i really feel ur pain. laura p.s but ur cat died like my cat, not in pain.
  12. i am a lefty, and some people call me names, "weird", "crazy" and that sort of stuff, it is mean! but i am proud! so lie i said, I AM A LEFTY! AND PROUD TO BE ONE!
  13. o.k 2day i wos being called rude names (not going to say them though) and he bashed the guy who called me the name! o.m.g! then he said he wanted to go out! so 2morro i am going to the mall with him! thanx for the adfise baybee-x oh, but he got introuble for bashing up someone, opppps!
  14. same wit, mi! i like(love) this boy, called ryan, he is nice, but suddenly he didnt talk to me, then seemed 2 like another girl (frankie!) wat do i do be4 he liked frankie, he was calling me names (funni ones though) and showing off to mi, it wos nice, and he got my chocolate for valentines day and my b'day, he is soo sweet! wat do i do bout frankie?!
  15. i have a few 1. dont drink and drive, you might spill your drink. 2. friends are like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. this one is a bit rude, 3. i called your boy friend *beep* so he hit my wit his purse, but without da rude word(it is more like a g word) u might not get it! 4. i wish my grass woz emo, so it would cut itself! so there you go!