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    I feel like an old coot. I think I joined back in '05, but I'm never around anymore. :o<br><br>ninja in converse at Gaia :]<br><br>last checked in: 02/02/08

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  1. I'll find some random notebook and cover about 5 or 6 pages with thoughts... Only when I'm thinking, "Oh, a journal would be nice right now" and such.
  2. I like to pretend I have a positive look on life. But it sucks because I'll be really enjoying something, and then my sadistic mind will be all "NOOO NOOO BAD."
  3. I know what you mean. I mean, to most people that's like "PSH.", but little things like that annoy me so much...
  4. Oh, I live off of Shonen Jumpu. Months ahead on Naruto= luff. Even if I don't get some manga, I usually read them for the heck of it. XD
  5. Naruto's got the best character variety I've ever seen.
  6. I'm going as Shika from Naruto, FTW. <33.
  7. YIM, baby. You can see when someone's typing.
  8. Nuu. I want a pair. I've got a pair of wannabe high-tops, though...
  9. Wow, judging virtual characters by their looks now? Heheh... okay, I'm done. I don't really care. =D
  10. Tamagotchi aren't banned at my school. Just 'cause nobody has them.
  11. Of course. They're purely decoration and have no use. I think they're just a desparate way to advertise...
  12. That's a really great point. Tamagotchi are in indeed too over-advertised now. I remeber in the 90's they were so easy to keep up with. I'd have to go with V2, because there aren't so many features you need to learn...