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    Club Penguin, Jonas Brothers, dancing, randomness. xDD<br><br><br>I epic fail at writing profiles.<br><br>buhbye xP<br>

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  1. LOL I suddenly remembered... The day I joined, I was browsing through Non-Tamatalk, and I found a mature topic (puberty etc...). I was SHOCKED so much I told my parents and I even PMed Admin about it too!! Haha I was so immature! Eeeeek! *blushes*
  2. What was the worst thing you did in TT, and you feel embarrassed for it now? The day I joined (20/march/07),I wrote about a strange glitch in the 'What happened to my Tamagotchi?' forum. It took a lot of time to post, so I clicked the 'post topic' button again, which resulted in two topics. Then, obviously the extra topic needed to be closed because I already posted the other topic, so a Guide closed it. I was so MAD xD. I PM'ed Admin and I ranted that someone closed my topic and etc etc etc....!!!! What's yours?
  3. Awww poor Kevin!! 0 votes for him in the poll! =O I love the 3 of them <3
  4. I'm in love with the 3 of them =3 Mostly Nick =]
  5. Yep, I can: Fingers, Wrists, Right hip, Right shoulder, For the hip and shoulder, not really cracking it, more like popping it out of its place =O
  6. *** Mine: I had a huge fight with my neighbour and his sister called me from their balcony. I was like " Oh you want to talk to me now?" and then I discoved it was his sister! (Their voices are pretty much the same)
  7. I straightened it once, and It was an epic fail ._. lol. xD
  8. Hey guys, can you help me find a hairdo for everyday?? My hair is naturally curly, and a tiny bit frizzy, so I put on lots of gel. But my friends are saying I put on too much hairgel. How can I style my hair w/out putting a lot of gel,but I don't want my hair looking frizzy. Plz help! Thx a loadz.
  9. Awwww... nobody wants to meet me I want to meet Admin and discover if hes a male/female xP
  10. Last Thursday we taped a "Kick me. I beg you!" sign on our English teacher's back!! It was soo funny! And we taped another one on our maths teacher too! =3
  11. I'm wearing a grey T- shirt with a black peace sign on it and at the back it says 'Electronic music prisoner' And a black long- sleeved shirt under it =D
  12. An electric guitar! (I MIGHT be taking lessons =D =D! ) A telescope. (I have a weird obsession for astronomy. kill me plz) Playboy curtains and bedspread. Animal crossing for Nintendo DS. The Club Penguin DS game. A new Rubiks Cube. Mine is very old.. and I love rubiks cube =D Twilight DVD =D Nick Jonas! ♥ ♥ ♥
  13. Nick Jonas =] hes soooooo cute.... And I want the meet Miley Cyrus just to laugh at her face and tell her she stinks.