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  1. No uniforms here, but we do have a dress code. No big-y though. We just can't wear short shorts or mini skirts, no tank tops, no ripped jeans and new this year, we cant wear flip flops/sandals without backs on them. I don't really wanna have a school uniform either.
  2. So Ronnie Radke was in Escape the Fate, then went to jail, and now his new band is Falling in Reverse. Personally, I loved Ronnie in Escape the Fate. Now that Craig is in the band and Ronnie is in Falling in Reverse, ETF just isn't the same. I don't like it. I only like one song with Craig singing now. Craig should have stayed in blessthefall, yet Ronnie's band wouldn't let him go back to ETF. I'm glad he's in a new band, Falling in Reverse. The songs from when Ronnie was in ETF are The Day I left the Womb, Situations, and Not Good Enough For Truth in Cliche. The song I like with Craig singing is Something, but its still not the same as Ronnie singing. D: I like all songs by Falling in Reverse, especially Listen Up. What's your opinion on this whole thing? What songs do you like by Ronnie Radke?
  3. I love My Chemical Romance! I love all of their songs. I really like the songs Welcome to the Black Parade, Teenagers, and Helena. (: I don't hear them on the radio much anymore, which kind of disappoints me. Everyone is turning Hip-Hop and Pop and Rap and well yeah that crap.
  4. ^Ohhh. I'm a huge fan. :] I'm surprised that they aren't more popular. They are amazing!
  5. They are by far one of my favorite bands. They are rock/metal/screamo lol. Whats your favorite song by them? Mine is Knives and Pens.
  6. I don't really like dogs. I like my friend's dogs (2 of them) because they are really nice. But not really. My parents don't let me have a dog or a cat and I never liked them, nor have my parents and sister.
  7. Name brand t-shirts or band shirts. Any jeans or starting basically now shorts. I just found out I have flat feet so I have no choice but to wear sneakers, so I wear my DC's or Etnies. I usually wear my hair down. It's naturally curly (which everyone loves) but I don't and I usually straighten it.
  8. I'm planning on re-painting my room and moving the furniture around with my mom soon I hope. I don't know when though. So this will sound pretty ugly and little-kid-ish. I have blue walls, sponge painted from 2 years ago or so with purple and very very very light purple stars and butterflies. My mission for since maybe the summer is to cover it with drawings me and my friends make and posters. It also has Disney stickers all over. I have blue window curtains. I have a bed with white sheets and a blanket that is white and has pink polka dots on it. Same for my pillows. I have a tv+stand for it, short table with a tiny tiny table on top of it where 2 of my game systems and games are, rolling shelves type thing with webkinz on it. On top of it has a hermit crab tank with 3 hermit crabs in it, and a fish tank with my beta fish named Jaws and a sucker fish. I have a big-ish and cute corner desk with my computer, un-working printer, and a bunch of stuff including my phone. For my desk I have a spinny chair that is blue. I have a mini drawer type thing that have random stuff inside of it, and on top of it is my ipod docking station, a big outlet strip, all i-pod touch stuff and stuff from my old i-pod nano, phone and phone chair, and a blue shelf that my Poppie (grandpa) and sister made for me years and years ago that has my name down the sides of both sides of it. It holds my DSi games, candy, books, DSi, DS Lite, Original DS, and a bunch of random stuff. Next I have a huge dresser filled with clothes, perfume, nail stuff, hair stuff, and... stuff? I have a walk in closet that has a huge set of drawers with random stuff on it, shelves built into the wall on the other side with even more random stuff, and then I have a bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink, and bathroom stuffs. What I want my room to be soon? My walls to be a cream color so whenever I wanna change my bed sheets, it will always match. I want a swing out holder for my tv somewhere that I do not know yet. I want a bunch of my other stuff, but my short table with the tiny table on it I would like to get rid of, because if I get a swing out holder for my tv then I will put my game systems and games on my tv holder. Yup. It's kinda small. I used to share it with my sister atleast 2 years ago or so.
  9. Snap it's really not free? Crud. I just started using it. It was fine for my friend and cousin and stuff. Oh well. Not a big deal until my dad gets mad.
  10. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try that soon. OF course I just used a photo booth at the movie theater yesterday lol. Figures...
  11. Click here to see what this website is in case you are freaking out and need to know what it is So do you use it? My friends cousin friend gets stuff from there, sends it to my friends cousin, then she sends it to my friend, and it gets to me. The stuff there is awesome, even though I don't know if it's free or not, but whatever. So, do you? What are your favorite pics/ringtones/whatever is there?
  12. I've noticed it too. Sure, I'm one of those name brand junkies, but it's just the style these days. Expensive stuff. Yeah, you shouldn't get made fun of, especially if you aren't rich, or you just can't afford it. Of course you can get some cute stuff at Wal-Mart and Target and Kmart and so on. Like I said, people just seem to like Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, DC, Converse, The North Face, etc. Just like me. I can afford it, but I buy most of it with my own money because my parents think I have too much clothes. Like my parents refuse to buy me any more hoodies, but possibly they will if it's really cheap at Wal-Mart or whatever. But, you just gotta understand that people just know it's the style, and they want to be in. Some people do it to be popular or to be in style, or like me, I do it because it's in style and I just like it. My mom has said that I'm "too good to shop at Wal-Mart". I have stuff from there. I know what you mean and stuff, but at my school you don't really get made fun of. But, like, so WHAT if you don't shop at name brand stores. So WHAT. You can't afford it. I don't really know what advice I could give you. Maybe go to a thrift shop and get name brand clothes there? I do that every once in a while, and people don't even notice. If not, just ignore them, because people like you mentioned can be jerks. Hopefully I helped...
  13. Lots of memories. -The blonde things I did -got a bunch of new friends -Meeting some of my family that I didn't even know existed -Discovered the Cheesecake Factory -Discovered -Got lots of new clothes -Good grades -Doing fantastic in karate and practicing Yeah. Lots more. I loved 2009. I hope 2010 will be the same but even better, and that 2010 won't go by as fast. I wanna stay a kid forever...
  14. What are your favorite apps for the Ipod Touch or Iphone? Mine are... Tap Studio Truth or Dare Schleepy Moron Test StickWars LE Rat On Run AtomicFart <---LOL Aim Bubblewrap JellyCar 2 Yeah, kinda dumb, but whateverz. What are your favorites?