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  1. my guess is a crazzzzzzzzzzy glitch lol
  2. dont worry it takes time to boost there weight plus games do cause them to lose alot of it my tamagotchi v3 stayed around about 20lbs for ages. you haven't abused it mariaw40
  3. It took 2 days for my tamagotchi and my mates one to mate mine was 6 and my friends was 4 what happens is one of the days when they give each other presents they shake there heads then the baby comes i hope i helped! mariaw40
  4. Same happened to me today my 6 year old had a baby it leaves in 2-3 days i guess mariaw40
  5. It depends on how well you care for your tamagotchi i guess it can die of old age mariaw40
  6. This happened when my battery ran out i get my batteries from wilkinsons at £3.00 for 2 batteries the code ends in 2032 * hope this helped! mariaw40
  7. My tamagotchi had a baby at the end of the first lesson at school. As it grows up would it be a mix of the parents? The parents are a mimitchi and a paparatchi. Hopefully you can find out