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  1. Thanks. Just it has hit me hard seen as I found out on the LAST day of term there was a change in the plan and they had no choice but to move up north. The reason he's going is because his dad's in the forces. But I don't blame him for wanting to be with his dad. If you had to choose to stay with your mates or go away with your dad what would you do? Makes you think hey.
  2. Congratulations! I weally weally hope you enjoy your niece! (I hope so anyway) (just kiddin')
  3. Thanks guys. I have his email and all that. Also me and my mates have set up a special forum that we can talk on. But I really appreciate this. THANKS AGAIN! StUpId
  4. My best mate is moving up north and then germany and then Cipras (sp). I got so close to him. We were all going to go to highschool together and walk home together but now hes gone... Im now crying. He's leaving anytime this week. And the time away is 5 years maybe 7. AND THIS IS NOT A CRUMMY LITTLE CRYBABY THING! I dont know what else to say. ...
  5. OMG! Its my b day to! Well was its like 5 days later now! But happy b day to you and me!
  6. Sure! All you have to do is go to this link: Invisonfree.com -On the right hand side of the page it has a bar. See it? On the bar it says "Register". Click on that. -Then a form will come up. Fill it all in. (REMEMBER: Tick the box under the text box.) -When you have done that click on the second link on the next menu.It will have "admin.php" at the end. Now your forum is active. Log in on the menu that pops up. Now start to make a forum! If this is to hard for you allow me to register for you!
  7. Kids talk! Its all rubbish! Why should we be made to believe this stuff? There's a scientific reason for everything stated. It's may be weird but come on. I'm not directing this straight at you but its a lie.
  8. OMG! I just posted mine and then there was you with the same answer! LOL!
  9. I always adorded pigglet! Hes so cute! And yet helpless. -Stupid
  10. Warning: Guitar is very hard! And you must stick at it! Also you can get wrist spasams.
  11. Post what instroment you can play here! I can play: Guitar Base guitar Qstick guitar Drums Xylophone Triangle (lol) A bit of violin! I am a music freak! If you ever see a picture of me on my website I have a guitar on!Or I'm at my drum set.OR....I am on a xylophone at school. So I am a bit mad on instroments! Post what you can play!
  12. White for me! Note:Please don't let this topic get out of hand by saying for example: "Whites suck!" or "Blacks are stupid!". They are just examples there not true. -STUPID
  13. Their not forcing you to do it! DUH! And its not dangerous if you follow the steps and read the infomation at the top.
  14. I used to always get flowagotchis but now i get mimetchis,memtchis and the other one.Lol. -Stupid
  15. All the time! I always say yes.
  16. But the doctor when he changes,changes his personality a bit.
  17. lol! My first word was drumroll please..........eggy! Don't ask me why it just happened. When I was in the mall in a kiddy bit.I saw this 2 babys having a bi*** fight. Pulling hair,kicking and my baby brother went "knock it off you two!" XD!
  18. Mummy where do babies come from? Mummy whats a gun? Mummy whats a "beep!" Lol. Hahhahhahhahaah...et-hem. -Stupid
  19. Theres a chance this is going to get closed as there is already an active topic on doctor who in the what you watch section. But what the bananas! I love it so much! Did you see last nights?That rocked!
  20. Ecclestone is more famous an he acted really well,but Tennant has a style you just can't put your finger on. I don't know! Ahh! Watch last nights ep?
  21. Do you have a site? Need images,words a hand? Give me general information on what you want and I'll haply make it for free! Thats right no credit no nothing! All for free! Just give me general info on what you want! Or PM me if its a secret. Like "I love you" or somethin'. -STUPID-