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  1. Toaster Strudel all the way. But I eat Pop Tarts more often because TS are expensive sometimes. I LOVE the Hot Fudge Sundae (is that what it's called??) Pop Tarts, though. : P EDIT: I mispelled "Strudel" and "called" ...WFT?!
  2. I play trumpet (for fun,) trombone (for my Ska band,) and BARITONE (for school and marching band.) Oh, and I can play piano, violin, and clarinet. But I perfer brass. So what do you play?
  3. I like Gaga as a singer/dadncer/songwriter AND a person! She is so sweet and always saying not to hate people just because you don't understand them or because they are different. She is so awesome I can't even explain. But if you don't like you her music, that's okay, we all have different tastes and opinions. : )
  4. ^^ I do. I've had a lot of expirience (I totally butchered that) with them. Please, nobody call me crazy or anything, because I saw what I saw. I know how to control and help and get rid of them. And the only reason why people don't beleive is because they have never had an expirience.
  5. Avatar: Just a picture of me. Not anything speical. Signature: I love brass. : )
  6. Erik (25)- Not very close. He moved out when he was 15, so... Alex (23)- Besties! He lives 1.9 miles away. Kyle (18)- We're pretty close. We have the same interests. Like band, art, and randoms things like Chuck Norris. He still lives with us. Lars (13?)- He died. (I'm bored, so I'm just gonna enter my pets) Ruby (8 year old chessie)- She lives in my room and she worships me. Addy (3 year old Russel Terrier)- She hates me. Dash (2 year old Russel)- He loves everyone!
  7. 1-A.V. English 2- Drama II 3- World Civ (Wednesday only) Advisory 4- Geometry 5- Physics LUNCH 6- Gym 7- Band
  8. Ha ha ha. That's kinda weird how you posted this on my birthday. : )
  9. Probably 1-3 on SOME days. I really don't lie much. Probably 3-5 times a week. I'm usually honest. Unless I'm in a sticky situation or in a giant fight, then it's like 50 times a day. : / But that only happens like, once every few years. lol
  10. I like cheerleading. It's okay. I perfer swimming and marching band more, though, but I am more expirienced with those, so... I can only do jumps/toe touches, basic moves, and such. But I can't do flips and all that fancy stuff. I can't do a cartwheel to save my life. : / But I also like improve dance. I think anything that is physical and competitive is a sport. : )
  11. I was just wondering the same thing. 'cause I'm 14, and I have been Tamagotchi crazy since the fourth grade. I used to have 8. But now I only have 2. Tamagotchi v4.5 and 2. I lost them all. And I've been playing with mine again for a week.
  12. HEY! As you may know, I'm starting a new thing!! It's called "Random Poll Fridays!" I post a sortof random poll on TT and you can participate in it!!!!! You can either mail me ideas for new polls, or vote, or BOTH! I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do. LOVE U -KK