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  1. tamaman

    how do i turn the sound on and off

    press A and C the select off
  2. tamaman


    let it wake up on its own or set the time forward
  3. tamaman

    Drowning Tamagotchi!!!

    my tamagotchi fell down the toilet :(but it still works
  4. is it a version2 tamagotchi or a version 1
  5. tamaman

    new teen!!

    are you sure its not an adult
  6. tamaman

    I need sum help

    you trade them to another tama reset it then trade them back
  7. tamaman

    Worst favourite adult tama.....

    I don't like
  8. tamaman

    Please! In this your vote really counts!

    we can have them at break but in class were not but I secretly play with mine in class
  9. tamaman

    Please help me!!

    its dead press a and c togther
  10. tamaman

    I NEED A REPLY VERY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!

    oldies can't mate
  11. tamaman

    DO YOU HAVE An account ON NEOPETS??

    my usernames drago1259
  12. tamaman

    Limited Edition Pets

    draiks are myfave but Its a long long time till draikday
  13. tamaman

    version 2 info for the UK version2

    you can get the old charater and new ones
  14. tamaman

    I have a tamagotchi 2!!!!!

    Iv got a tama version2 its the purple one