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  1. OK, well i havent posted in forver but joe had a baby boy..i think...its been on pause for a while now..ill have to get bac to everyone..and my tama:( ssrrryy everyone:(
  2. First I didn't put Joe on Pause, now he's lost !! I don't know what to do but I did mate him with Tara and now they have baby girls!!
  3. I plan 2 mate Joe with my Uncle's V2 named Tara!! I don't know when though?? I am also going to the Carnival tomorrow so I will have to put JOE on pause!!
  4. You can get a job when you get 2 of these [!] in the mail 1st one you say goodbye to your teacher 2nd one you pick a job by scrolling with the A button and Select with the B button!!
  5. Sorry,I accidentally posted,when i tried to pm!!
  6. I am so happy!!! Joe got a job as a Scientist!!!***
  7. Well I got Joe's weight down today but not all the way!! Oh yeah I totally forgot to tell you that Joe turned into a Simasimatchi !!**Yay!!**
  8. Thank you so much this info is very valuable!!**
  9. Well I dislike Name glitches very much they make me panicky and stressed!!**
  10. Great idea gotamas I never thought that that even worked!!**
  11. Yes, 350 intelligence points and 100 combined arts and social points, lucky you!!**
  12. I think that it was a glitch from what your saying !!** The connection probably failed for the one tama but the other one kept on going!!** I think that Matchmaker will definably come for her!!**