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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say I read through your entire blog today and I quite enjoyed it :^)

  2. Done and done, my friend. I'll just keep the entire update in this quote, because, well... convenience. This weekend, I did go to Nashville for my boyfriend's birthday! He attends Vanderbilt there, and I may actually be going there to work soon. I am expecting a call tomorrow! In the meantime, I rode down with his parents and we all stayed the weekend with him. We ate at lots of places - Demos Restaurant, Jim N' Nicks BBQ, The Cookout, Mellow Mushroom & some others! I feel like I gained 20 lbs from all the food... I made him a cake and he enjoyed the gifts I got him! Other than eating a lot, we didn't really go out and do that many exiting things. I suppose when you actually live somewhere, being "touristy" isn't really what you do anymore. We hung around his apartment I just enjoyed his company. It's tough being away from your S.O. of three years, and I didn't want to leave. But hopefully, I'll be going back. As for Rog, he's had a bit of a rough time with me being busy and whatnot. I figured since he was a Whaletchi, he would be completely dead by now, but he's 8 years old and still going! I haven't been able to catch the matchmaker yet. I tried setting the time to when she was supposed to come, but that doesn't work apparently. I have recollection of that being a thing that worked but I guess not? Somebody refresh me... So he's been sick a lot and admittedly a little (a lot) ignored, but he's still alive and that's really all that matters! However, I do wish he would get married already so that I wouldn't have to worry about him up and dying on me. I want to continue these generations, dangit! In other news, my fake Tama arrived! So far, it's probably the most pitiful VP I've ever even seen... I have taken pictures and I'll post a more in depth look at it eventually. It really is terrible. The instructions aren't even relevant to the way it operates and there are so many spelling errors my eyes hurt. But hey, that's to be expected when you buy a bootleg Tama for a buck. Keep on the lookout for my full on review of it. It's gonna get weird. Hope you all are doing well! *mimitchi* ♥
  3. Hi guys! Rog evolved!! He is now a Whaletchi! Or Kujiratchi. Either one is fine, I suppose. He evolved when I woke him up for my lunch break today. Yesterday, I accidentally didn't put him back to sleep before I went back to work after lunch, so by the time I was home, I found him with lots of poops beside his bed and very sick! That has been the only time he has dropped below one empty heart and I was so sad! I had worked hard to keep him healthy and I forget him ONCE. Go me. Anyway, Whaletchi is a bit of an oddity. It can only be obtained by debugging on the V1 and only appeared playable on the V2 (I think... correct me if I'm wrong). Apparently it was scrapped before becoming an actual official character. He is a bit ugly, to be honest. I have read that he is a very bad care character and that confused me a little as to why I obtained him. I only had a care miss once. Maybe it was just so bad that it ruined my chances of a healthy character... I also got a picture for you guys today! I will try to have him get married asap to start the next generation. Hopefully I won't have any care misses next time. Even though I only got to spend a little time with Rog, I'll miss him when he's gone! His animations are a little creepy though. Certainly unique, but creepy. It's tough to play slots with him because you can't really tell his happy and sad faces apart... I'm still waiting on my fake Tama and my Morino! I considered the P2, but I think I'll wait until after I get paid to purchase one unless I find some killer deal that I can't pass up. That's it for now, guys! I'm leaving for Nashville tomorrow, so I probably won't post until Monday. See you then! ♥ *mimitchi* ♥
  4. Quick update! I have been doing the same thing with Roger today that I have been doing - keeping him unpaused by letting him sleep through the time that I'm at work, and waking him up when I go home. I just change the clock on him and he's set for the day. This way, he can still age while I work and doesn't have to be on pause all the time. However, I AM curious as to how this will affect his adult character. While he's sleeping, he's not losing hearts. But then again, he's not gaining training bars because he's not ever really awake long enough to. He did call for a praise today though when I woke him up. I set the clock so he would still be awake with me now, but I'm about to set it back so that I can go to bed. This is turning into an interesting little experiment... Good news - my Morino shipped! It should be here in a few weeks! I'm very excited, and I'm also keeping an eye on a P2 that I would really like to have. Let's hope nobody bids on it... That's it for now, guys! Not sure if I'll be on to update tomorrow as I'm still getting ready for my boyfriend's birthday this weekend. I do have some pictures prepared for my next blog post, though! Hope you're all well. *mimitchi* ♥
  5. Hey guys! So I found a way to keep Rog unpaused throughout the day... I just set the time for him to be asleep while I'm at work! I can't believe I didn't think to do that earlier. I'm not really sure how it'll affect his growth and aging, but that's how we're going to go about this. When I woke him up on my lunch break, he immediately turned into a Ringotchi! I love Ringotchis. I'm honestly not sure what determines what character I'll get. I know there are good characters and bad characters, but there are multiple good and bad and average characters. I'm curious to see what Rog will turn into. Other than that, we haven't done much today as I've been a little busy this evening. I will probably post tomorrow and Thursday, but this weekend is my boyfriend's birthday and I'm going out of town to Nashville to visit him so I probably won't have any posts on my log or my website until next week. After I get back, I will have all the updates for you, though! Thank you all for reading my log and checking out my website! I hope you're all doing wonderful! ♥ *mimitchi* ♥
  6. Thanks so much! ♥ My new job is sort of just something to hold me over until graduate school next fall. I test water for coal companies and sewer plants for contaminants. It's not particularly thrilling, but it's a job! The V2 has a game called slots. What you do is try to match three of the same shape, either a circle, square, or triangle. Circles are worth the most and if you match three circles, you get 500 points! Super easy to rack up once you get the hang of catching the circles! Also - I can never win bump. No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to get the hang of it! I honestly think it's too laborious to post photos and it's too much of a process, especially when you have a computer as slow as mine. I just don't bother with it. Maybe I'm just lazy. Oh well! Thanks so much for your comments! I'm glad you're enjoying the log. ♥
  7. Hey guys! Quick update only tonight as I haven't gotten the time to do much today - I started my new job as a Lab Technician! It looks like I am going to be able to unpause Rog at work! They're pretty laid back at the company and allow things like that so long as nothing gets in the way of my work. I may wait a few days until I can learn some more about the procedures I'm assigned to do before I start unpausing him all the time. I DID unpause him today on my lunch break for 30 minutes and when I got home at about 5:30pm. In that time, he called for a praise and we played some games! I tried to feed him a lot of pudding so that we could effectively play bump but I'm just not good at that game at all. We used some of the points we saved up to purchase a plant from the shop, only to have it grow into an ugly face and scare my Rog! My Tamagotchis and I haven't had the best luck with plants, obviously... Rog is asleep now. He hit the sack about 2 hours ago and I'm about to do the same. I'm considering contacting the seller of my Morino, as it has been five days and has not been shipped. My fake Tama is still in the mail somewhere, but I expect it to be a while before it gets here as it is being shipped from China. I will certainly keep posting my eBay updates and shenanigans. I've been getting on there more just to see what pops up. It's fun to just shop around! I also just made a huge blog post about my Nano Kitty on my website. Check it out! Link in my signature. ♥ That's all I'll write for tonight. I'll see you guys tomorrow evening! *mimitchi* ♥
  8. New update on my blog > mimitchi.weebly.com! It's Angelgotchi day ♥

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      I got an Angel Gotch in the mail today! :)

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  9. Hey y'all! SO. There's been a change of plans. Considering this is my last day off before I start my new job tomorrow, I've decided to put my TMGC+C away and break out a V2. The reason for this is simple - because you can actually PAUSE a V2. Until I know how my workplace operates and how much I could actually get away with running a Tama while I'm there, I'm going to have to pause it for the time that I'm at work and unpause when I get off. I will still keep my Tama running and update my log, but it'll probably take much more time for evolution and things of that nature to happen considering it'll be paused for round about 8 hours a day. Once I get situated and know the amount that I will be busy every day, I may be able to unpause my Tama during work hours. I'll definitely unpause it during lunch hours as well. Another reason I specifically chose the V2 is because, well, I just really like the V2. There's a variety of characters on it, but they're characters taken from the ancestor Tamas. Lots from Osu/Mesu and a few from Morino and obviously lots from the P1/P2. AND IT HAS THE SLOTS GAME. Seriously, so much money can be had from slots. Anyway, I chose my favorite V2 design from my collection - the white one with rainbow candy rings on it! I used to carry this one around with me literally everywhere. I remember always taking it riding with me because I used to (and still do) ride ATVs a lot and it's come along on many adventures. It's been debugged and un-debugged a couple of times here and there and you can tell because the two halves of the shell are the tiniest bit loose and don't fit together as tightly as they used to because of my constant performing surgery on it... When I started it back up, I found one of my old Tamas named Riley dead at 7 years old. Oddly enough, I remember Riley. These things are like actual pets sometimes and I can remember specific ones that I've had and raised. I reset it and hatched a little tiny Petitchi (boy)! I named him Roger after another one of my favorite singers in the world - Roger Daltrey. I love naming my Tamas after my favorite musicians if you haven't noticed. So Rog and I are just going through the baby stage motions. I'm sure there isn't much you don't already know about this point in time. We've been playing the jump game though which I always thought was a little annoying - it's the one where you have to watch when the dots come on and press the buttons as quick as you can to get your Tama to jump as high as possible and clear the hurdle. It's only good for 100G though. I've got my eyes set on that slots game - just you wait. We're gonna be rich in no time. ----- There'll be a new update on my blog this evening about the Tamagotchi Angel! ♥ Check it out in my signature! Thanks for reading and I hope you're all having a wonderful day. *mimitchi* xx
  10. So firstly, I haven't had internet the entire day. Great timing... especially considering that I wanted to update a lot earlier in the day. I have had absolutely nothing to do today except sit around and avoid the heat. Kentucky summers are brutal, y'all. Nel changed today into a Chamametchi! Our tree grew another branch as well. Today, I figured since we hadn't spent any points in a while, we would go over to the TamaDepa and see what was there. I think we had around 5000G, I can't really remember. But to my surprise, the most expensive thing in the shop was the green train pass for like 3000G. Naturally, we bought it and received with it 3 raffle tickets! We also checked out the shop and I bought her a Telescope with another raffle ticket. So with four raffle tickets, we went to the raffle place (??? ) and tried our luck. We ended up getting two more sets of kitchenware (when will it stop?) BUT, third time's the charm! We ended up with the golden ball and in it was a beautiful purple watering can with a flower on the side. Now to be honest, I really have no idea what significance the new watering can is, but I assume there is one considering it came out of a golden ball. With our last raffle ticket, we received a brown thing that almost looked like a whoopie pie so we're gonna say that's what it is because I love those things. After the raffle shenanigans, we decided to go ahead and use the train pass and see what happened. Nel ended up starring in her very own play in which she fought a horrible dragon! She quite literally threw punches at him and took a few herself, but Nel is a fighter and ended up winning the battle (with scars to prove it, no less). She took her bows, came home, showered, and is now sound asleep at 1 year and 31 grams. ----- My Morino still hasn't shipped yet and I still can't view the tracking info for my fake Tama, either. I'm not really worried about that, though. I might get back on eBay a little later and see what I can find. It's just fun to browse and look even if you aren't planning on buying anything. There's currently a P1 on there listed for $1999! Completely irrational price, but who knows... somebody may actually be crazy enough to buy it. I don't even know anyone in real life that has that kind of money to drop... I start my new job on Monday! I get one more day of rest before I get to work. But, hey, as I always say: more money = more Tamas. I don't have any bills to pay at the moment, so why not get them while I can? One last thing before I go - I'm getting ready to update my site, so stay on the lookout. I hope you're all enjoying it! (*Mimitchi's Tamagotchi Blog!*) *mimitchi* xx
  11. New updates on my TMGC+C log & website! ♥

  12. Hey guys! I have lots of happenings to discuss in this update. It started out as the typical day - me waking up nearly three hours after Starr and picking her up to realize she had lost three happy hearts and was probably on the verge of calling for my attention had I not noticed in time. We were going to go and play games but them I noticed another destination was highlighted in the door icon so I clicked it. I completely forgot that it was the Matchmaker... Anyway, I didn't really want her to get married immediately, so she turned down Gozarutchi and we went back home. Now here's where my ignorance comes into play... Later in the day, I figured why not let her get married? And so I took her to the Matchmaker again and she met up with Kuromametchi and said I do. Upon returning home with her newborn baby girl, instead of staying for a day, Starr IMMEDIATELY said her goodbyes and floated off to Tamagotchi Planet. Completely not my intention, as I wanted her to stay for longer because at the time I didn't have the time to look after a small child. And I was even sad to see Starr go! I didn't want her to leave so soon. She left me at 5 years old. But alas, here we are with Starr's little girl whom I've decided to call Nel, after one of my favorite singers in the world, Arnel Pineda. Arnel is just fantastic and I had the privilege to see him perform with Journey earlier this summer. Journey is one of my favorite bands! Anyway, I continued to look after her despite my being busy. I made it work and somehow caught her before she used the bathroom 4 times in a row. I wanted to catch her all times and train her to use it herself (which I think you can do? Correct me if I'm wrong) but I didn't get to. She had a smooth baby stage and evolved into a Memepetchi. I think Memepetchis are a lot cuter than Sakuramotchis. Maybe it's the bunny ears? After Nel evolved, we planted a new tree, this time one of the letter trees. It has a letter with a heart sealing it on the picture. That's nearly it for my day with Nel and Starr, as Nel has already went to sleep. Hopefully I can wake up at a decent time tomorrow and care for her properly before she starts calling for me. ----- I'm still waiting on my two Tamas from eBay to arrive! I think once I receive my Morino, I will switch this log to a Morino log. Or maybe I should start a new one? What do you guys think? Maybe starting a new topic would be too much clutter. I dunno. I've decided not to go for the Japanese P2, as the price is too high for its condition. However, there is a Mothra that is very cheap that I'm considering. The buttons look damaged and the paint seems yellowed but we shall see. As for me, I haven't done much of anything today because it's just simply too hot! I really don't enjoy being outside in scorching heat so I stayed in most of the day today, save for riding ATV's in the evening which is super fun. It's not so bad when the sun goes down. That's about it for this update - be looking for a new blog post on my website soon! ♥ http://mimitchi.weebly.com Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you're all having a nice night! *mimitchi* xx
  13. Good afternoon, TT! Starr evolved this morning! She is now a lovely Memetchi. I do love Memetchi, she has always been a favorite of mine. Admittedly, when she evolved (promptly at 7am), I rolled over and went back to sleep. I found her later with two empty hearts, filled those, and we walked outside to check on our tree. It shook a little and Starr waited in anticipation, hoping for a pleasant surprise, but what she got was the opposite. Her tree turned out to be filled with green, spiky snakes instead of good fortune. She jumped in the air, surprised and a little terrified! Maybe next time we'll get a better tree. It's a beautiful, partly cloudy day at Starr's house today, much like it is at my house. It's a little too hot again to do much of anything out there, so here I am inside writing an update. I landed a job as a Laboratory Technician recently and I begin work on Monday! This probably means I won't get to keep Starr off of pause until the end of the day. I will probably pause her at 8am and unpause her at 5pm when I get to go home. Growth will be much slower, but unfortunately, I'm not so sure she would have much fun in a Chemistry lab. Starr and I don't have many other plans for the day. It's been a lazy day for the both of us! ----- As for my eBay adventures, I broke down and bought a Morino last night. It was $27! How could I pass that up?! I have NEVER seen a Morino go for under $30 and since it was next on my list of Tamas to get, I decided to just go for it. So now I have two things on their way to me - a Morino and a fake Tama. The Morino is the white color with characters on it. I think I would have preferred to have the yellow one with leaves, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? Next on my list is an Osu/Mesu pair which I will have to wait for a paycheck for that one. Those tend to be in the $50 range, unfortunately. Also, I was outbid on the little red Japanese Gen 2! I plan on trying to come back and win it at the end if it's not too expensive by that time... ----- Before I go, I wanted to tell you guys there's an update on my little website! In it, I talk about the oldest Tama in my collection, pictures included. Click here! > http://mimitchi.weebly.com Thanks for reading. Hope you're all having a wonderful day! ♥ *mimitchi* xx
  14. Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying the log! I agree with what you said about the details. Reading times/stats doesn't interest me much at all and I would much rather hear about the main events in the life of the Tamagotchi and interesting things that happen in their world. I also like to read about how raising it incorporates into our own daily lives. The main thing to me is trying to incorporate things into my log that I would like to read in other's logs. Your comments are certainly appreciated and I love to hear about things that I could do to improve or are doing well. Admittedly, I have been lazy on uploading pictures. I love to see pictures in logs, but my computer is a little slow and it can be am ordeal to get pictures from my phone to TamaTalk and having them show up properly sometimes. Thanks again! I hope you're having a great day! ♥