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  1. Why don't you just take out the batteries?
  2. teen to an adult is only 2 to 3 days
  3. There hasn't been one made yet, people are working on it.
  4. If your feeding it to the point where it's constantly getting sick/toothache than I would say its neglectful. As long as your tama isnt always getting sick than its perfectly fine because your tama is losing the weight from playing games.
  5. 1. Tamagotchis could live forever when cared for properly, but their age would stop increasing at 99. At aroung age 9 it will turn into an oldtimer. However, normally people use the matchmaker to mate with another tama and have babies, starting a new generation. When you do this normally you will have a the same tama for about a week. 2. Yes tamagotchis sleep at night. You can pause your tama by pressing A and B together. Having it on the time screen doesn not pause it, you could press and hold A and C so it goes to set the time and it would be paused but the clock does not continue to run. 3. The tama king will sometimes give you presents or gotchi points. Also you can give him donations and you can recieve souvenirs from him.
  6. If you don't know how to choose a teacher, when ! comes in the mail press A to scroll through the teachers and B to select it.
  7. Have you been pausing your tama. The Mother will leave after 24 unpaused hours at midnight so she should leave tonight then if you've had the baby two days. Or you could just set the time to 11:59 pm and wait one minute and then change the time back. If that doesn't work then something is wrong.
  8. Try This: User name: STEPH Password: 1E1C14C DFF305B I only have a V4 but the tamatown is the same. Also I only have a toddler right now so you won't be able to access the school and the office.
  9. Yes but it is the gold disk every time. And you could just change the date on your computer to get it.
  10. Well on the V4 it switches boxes. That's strange that yours doesn't.
  11. Yup! Tamagotchi's take CR 2032 batteries
  12. Play the game flag. If it's not too late get Mr Canvas for a teacher. Jobs that increase social points are Travel Guide, Fire fighter, kindergarten, restautant, and amusement park.
  13. It does work for all the versions. And most people know this already.
  14. it's enough as long as you have a combined total of 450 skill points. In other words your intellectual and artistic skill points need to add up to 100. Have you gotten the matchmaker? If so than it is too late. And also sometimes people will get enog points and still don't get it so keep getting more points and hopefully you will get your nonbiritchi