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  1. I think it's a bred roll, my friend Taylor thinks it's cabbage.
  2. Me and my friend got poop, jack in the box, flowers, cake, a ball, and a cape.
  3. Probably, but not real. Like those plastic Poo-Chis and Meow-Chis they had, they didn't work. This will probably just be plastiv ones like before, they've had Tamagotchi toys at McDonalds before. Doesn't anyone know but me? Each one did a different thing, one was a timer, one was a little game (left or right), one was a plastic Pootchi toy etc. Really cool.
  4. How long will it take for Tyler to be an adult? He turned into an Ichigotchi 3 days ago, how many more days?
  5. I like... http://www.tinypic.com http://www.photobucket.com http://www.freewebs.com Those are good hosts.
  6. I just left my Tama alone for a bit and the giant poop was on the screen.
  7. I got a [bad] pic! http://tinypic.com/av4i9
  8. That's weird... You'd think BanDai would have more logic. Your Hinotomotchi should be burnt out by now!
  9. It's like... -Soak soak soak soak- -Shrivel- Help meee...
  10. The infared lights shouldn't touch. I've tried it before and it doesn't work. They must be like... An inch or so apart.
  11. Tyler was taking a bath when I left the screen alone for a while. He was sitting there switching happy, full mouth to neutral mouth, turning around in the bath tub. Anyone else see this?
  12. A few seconds. Be paitient. Go to heart > Push B > Put other Tama an inch apart > Go to heart on other Tama > Push B on other Tama > Wait You actually should push B for the tamagotchis at the same time then just wait.
  13. Werner Elementary. My Tama needs to be an adult sooooon! -Impaiteint-