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    I like...<br><br>1. Virtual pet games<br>2. Other video games<br>3. Dogs<br>4. Scooters<br>5. Cheesy crackers<br><br>I dislike...<br><br>1. School<br>2. School<br>3. School<br>4. Did I say school?<br>5. Getting a hangnail caught on fabric<br>6. Stinky video games that suck

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  1. TylerTheTama

    what food do tamagotchis eat???

    I think it's a bred roll, my friend Taylor thinks it's cabbage.
  2. TylerTheTama

    Anyone have an items listing?

    Me and my friend got poop, jack in the box, flowers, cake, a ball, and a cape.
  3. TylerTheTama

    Tamogatchis in Happy Meals!

    Probably, but not real. Like those plastic Poo-Chis and Meow-Chis they had, they didn't work. This will probably just be plastiv ones like before, they've had Tamagotchi toys at McDonalds before. Doesn't anyone know but me? Each one did a different thing, one was a timer, one was a little game (left or right), one was a plastic Pootchi toy etc. Really cool.
  4. TylerTheTama

    How long?

    How long will it take for Tyler to be an adult? He turned into an Ichigotchi 3 days ago, how many more days?
  5. TylerTheTama

    Where can I find Tama graphics

    I like... http://www.tinypic.com http://www.photobucket.com http://www.freewebs.com Those are good hosts.
  6. TylerTheTama

    Giant poop!

    I just left my Tama alone for a bit and the giant poop was on the screen.
  7. TylerTheTama

    Where can I find Tama graphics

    http://www.tamagotchi.com has all the pics.
  8. TylerTheTama

    Soakin' in the tub...

    I got a [bad] pic! http://tinypic.com/av4i9
  9. TylerTheTama

    Giant poop!

  10. TylerTheTama

    Soakin' in the tub...

    That's weird... You'd think BanDai would have more logic. Your Hinotomotchi should be burnt out by now!
  11. TylerTheTama

    Soakin' in the tub...

    It's like... -Soak soak soak soak- -Shrivel- Help meee...
  12. TylerTheTama

    My tamgotchi won't connect!

    The infared lights shouldn't touch. I've tried it before and it doesn't work. They must be like... An inch or so apart.
  13. Tyler was taking a bath when I left the screen alone for a while. He was sitting there switching happy, full mouth to neutral mouth, turning around in the bath tub. Anyone else see this?
  14. TylerTheTama

    My tamgotchi won't connect!

    A few seconds. Be paitient. Go to heart > Push B > Put other Tama an inch apart > Go to heart on other Tama > Push B on other Tama > Wait You actually should push B for the tamagotchis at the same time then just wait.
  15. TylerTheTama

    How may tamagotchis do you have?

    Werner Elementary. My Tama needs to be an adult sooooon! -Impaiteint-