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  1. You Talk(scream) at the tama and tap the screen, it should make the people go away.
  2. If it is a V2 or V3, just press the C button. If it is a V4, it is in hyper speed because V4 uses it's C button to do the cute tama close up. If it's a V4, you need to undebug it.
  3. Well, it's not REALLY fake. If it has it's own logo and characters, it's just another virtual pet. P.S. It dosn't HAVE to say tamagotchi on it to be real, it just has to have it's own stuff on it.
  4. Two things. 1.Masktchi IS the shy tama, so he could freak out and kill the tama. 2.It IS true, it happend to my two times before, only he just stabbed my tama. When he leaves the screen my tama does the death motion, then the "Egg of the Blue Scroll"(I made that part up, it's just the angel egg) appered.
  5. HAY!!! Be nice. there are little kids here too! It did go back to it's home planet and when I was four and mine went back to it's home planet, I read a topic about what the angel egg was. When I read it died I was heart broken and almost cried. Think about the little people too.
  6. That wasn't spam. The person was using the as a sign that they have no clue what your talking about.
  7. ..............sorry bout the post before, just can't stand problems and mix ups
  8. V4 has to use it's C button for close up, so on V4 it's always on hyper speed. V1,2,and 3 however don't do that the C button on those cause hyper speed to go and off.
  9. Only do this if your sure you won't hurt your tama, and feel free to blame me is your tama ends up broken. First do the debug thing, then choose Makkiko, notice how hyper speed is on all the time? When Makkiko falls asleep undebug your tama and reset it then choose download, that's how I got her.
  10. well, that's true. but a universal character comes from bad care, youi know neglect, over weight, not cleaning up poop, that kind of stuff. but I think they are cute.
  11. That dosn't make any sense! Ok let's take you for example, lets say your a frog. You can't change a frog to a cow can you? NO you can NOT! So why should you be able to change a tama type, you CAN'T, get it? Sorry for being so mean...but, i CAN'T take it when people are so subburn, someone hers this they think that, if you thought you changed your tama, you did NOT. If some said that you rub a pencil on the debug sign on the tama circuit board, it's called debugging.
  12. You got a universal chacter, that's bad. But not so bad that you have to rip your hair out, just take GOOD care of it now and hopefully you won't get a universal adult. If GOOD dosn't semm to suit you, try taking GREAT care of it.
  13. My tama turned into an adult and I have been waiting for over an hour and a half, when am I going to get the job application. Do I need a certain amount of skill points to get [ ! ] letter?
  14. too bad, according too the chart, thats a universal adault and universal tamas come from low skill points or bad care or other things like that.
  15. I'm not completly sure what that means but it sounds like an insault