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    WEEEEEELL< wut can I say 'bout meself? Alrighty, here's my collection-<br><br>Tamas:<br><br>1 (broken) Angelgotchi<br>1 Mesutchi<br>1 Osutchi<br>2 tama connection v1s<br>3 tama connection v2s<br>1 tama connection v3<br>1 Japanese mini<br>1 Keitai<br>1 Akai Shiriizu <br>1 Entama<br>1 Kakeibo<br>1 uratama<br><br>Others:<br><br>1 My sapling<br>1 Wrist wanko/happy pet<br>1 Yuki penguin<br>1 Pocket Biscuit (in mail)<br><br>If u have any questions about it, PM me!<br><br>I luv studio ghibli movies (mainly miyazaki), old horro films, Buster keaton, not only tamas- but all v-pets, hamsters, Saxophone (I play it), Jazz, and... cookie monster!<br><br>My signature: \(^o^)<br><br>

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  1. I'm currently test driving a gold/clear digimon D-3 pedometer that a friend had. I'm considering purchase of it, but I'm not entirley sure how it works. Here's what I know so far- It seems that I can switch off from one digimon to another whenever I want to, and I use the pedometer to get to different destinations. I haven't used it much, as I'm very busy, but will soon post pictures. I do not know the country of origin, but it's either manufactered for sale in the U.S. or Hong Kong. On the back it says "©2000 Akiyoshi Hongo- Toei Animation ©BANDAI 2000 MADE IN CHINA" My friend has another one of these (green/white), which seems slightly different, though it's also a D-3. The green/white has a map option to find the destination labeled "MAP", while the map on the clear/gold I have is just labeled with an american flag, suggesting that they are meant for sale in different countries (probably meaning mine's from the United States, but you never know.) I was hoping to know if anyone had instructions on this toy, or at least any other information. It would be much appreciated! As I said, I hope to post pictures soon. Thanks! \(^o^)
  2. Yup, I'm currently test-driving a gold and clear one, it's not officially mine yet. \(^o^)
  3. (I looked around to see if there's another topic on this, I couln't find any, but forgive me if there is.) While checking the japanese tamagotchi webbie, I found this. It will be released on october 28th 2006, and I've (attempted) to translate the name. The ?s are what I couldn't translate, but from what I could it's called "Ouchino deka tamagotchi ge-mu?kette-?n". Can anyone else translate the rest? Post whatever you know about it here! \(^o^)
  4. You haven't played with every VP in history. I'd say it's a bit like comparing apples to oranges. They have differen't concepts, so you shouldn't compare them. \(^o^) EDIT: Btw, luv your av, Pixelchibi!
  5. CONGRATS JAPPYX!!! You'll be an awesome admin! Keep up the good work, as us members look up to you, and you keep our forum clean and safe. The forum wouln't be as fun and safe without you, Jappyx! Also, eridan, sorry for being a bit of a backseat mod, but are you sure you know the rules? Are you following them? If you did you'd know that asking to be a guide is against the rules. What you posted is also unrelated to this topic. Not to be harsh, but read the guidelines please. Now let's forget that ever happened, so as not to cause a flame war or make myself sound like I'm rubbing it in. XD \(^o^)
  6. Gotta luv the gameboy. But as mothra says don't compare apples to oranges. Maybe you should change the topic to "tmgc gameboy game vs real tmgc" \(^o^)
  7. Agreed, I've heard they are magnificent pets (as well as some of the most well known!) I hope to add some vintage ones to my collection someday but for know I'll stick with what I have. I've seen a few in my local toys R Us, and am considering purchasing one. Perhaps you could give a reveiw out of ten for a vintage nano kitty? I'd really appreciate it! I've never seen a nano double before, but maybe if I keep my eye out for one it'll pop up. \(^o^)
  8. As Junky said, mutsu's are usually only on eBay, however I have seen a few on akadotretail.com once upon a time. If neither of these has what you're looking for, try to establish a trade with a collector, I'm sure meny are more than happy to barter. \(^o^)
  9. Yes, the real ones are very amusing! I have a yuki penguin (practically the same thing), and it's lovely. The gaphics aren't 100%, but I love the large variety of creative options. I think I'll stop by my local dollar tree tosee if they have some fakes- I've never tried one! \(^o^)
  10. I assume it comes up close to the screen, and covers it's eyes or something. If I try it soon, maybe I'll post a pic. \(^o^)
  11. You have to continue connectiong over and over. The love potion will make them fall in love, but it will take a while for them to have babies. \(^o^)
  12. Uri-Ban is so cute! ^^ Unfortunatley, I had to pause hime, I just had the feeling today was going to be a busy day, he already gets moderatley neglected @ school. XD Anyways, I'm not sure teen I wanna get, anything will do. Heheh. Maybe tomorow Uri-Ban will get to sit on my music stand during band as a little treat, and watch me play my saxophone. ><
  13. okay... well, anyways uri-ban is now a tot, the mamebotchi i think it's called. He got a bit of and adventure today when he fell out of my binder during science class, along with my uratama, Kashi-Kashi. Luckily neither were hurt. One of my classmates was all "Tamagotchi?", and I got a bit embarassed, as it's not a hobby I like to advertise to the world. XD \(^o^)
  14. I would say that tamagotchi is better quality and more well know than any other virtual pet in exsistence, as they were the first. Therefore, they're pretty hard to exceed. I've never played with pixelchix, but I find it ullikley they'd be better. I think they're in the 4-8yrs age range. \(^o^)