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  1. The cheeseburger has ham, cheese, tomatoes, mustard, socks, feet, a tamagotchi, pickles, cookies, poop, a stinky butt, a Pikachu, rotten eggs, ketchup, steak, a pencil, onions,used gym socks, a memetchi,a brain, Admin, Miley Cyrus, peanut butter, a cheesy omlet, binray, pumpkin pie, a great white shark, dr pepper, champion cynthia TamaCHAT, tama mum and a head of human hair
  2. ^.^ ^ _ ^ ^-^ ;.; ;-; ;_; T.T T_T T-T Umm...I know a lot more...But I'll just post them...
  3. Because it's a nice forum full of nice people who make you feel welcome, no matter who you are. And when I joined I loved tamagotchis (hence the really long name). Bu mostly I joined because I'd heard this was a nice forum where people don't get bashed for no reason.
  4. Umm I won't say my scariest. But I'll say the closest to it that I can say. Probably when I started my new school...(They're all really snobby and posh. It's really annoying.)
  5. Well after being here for a year I type quite fast. When I first joined I couldn't type very fast and had to scan the keyboards.
  6. I remember when I first joined. I was scared. This place is just so big. But I know my way around now. But it only seems like the 3rd birthday a few days ago....I hope TT stays forever. T.T
  7. I feel ok. I'm a bit freaked out due to the happenings of this week but other than that I'm fine. And I'm sorry about someone who broke your heart but it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, right? Just remember that and you'll be fine.
  8. Uh...coke. Pepsi's too fizzy for me. But it's still ok. I'd drink Pepsi but I'd rather have coke. (I was reading the topic...This is just my opinion.)
  9. Boy? xD (Read my name to find out my gender. XD ljr1996tamagotchifreak---)
  10. I was born March 31st. I was 3 days early.
  11. Ok. I found a site telling you how ot upgrade your memory. Something to do with RAM...Anyway it's here. And it's no problem.
  12. Well you could always get some more memory on your computer like a little card thingy. I'll look around and see if I can find if there's a place to download it but it takes up less memory. I'll edit this when I find something. EDIT: Ok there's no way but to either put some more memory on your computer (no idea how to do that...I could look for that if you'd like?) or delete some files that you don't need. Sorry. Go through ALL your computers documents and delete some one you don't need. Or put all your files onto a disk then delete them from the computer. Then if you ever uninstall MS you can put them back on.
  13. Depends where you are if you want a good network but I always found o2 and T-Mobile are good. And I have a Sony Ericsson phone. It's kind of thick but a horse stood on it and it didn't even get a scratch and it has loads of memory so that's why I like it.
  14. Ehh showers are ok...I just hate standing up and the water sometimes collects at the bottom and it gets cold...But showers are fun if you don't mind bringing some toys cars in (Not that I'm saying I'm some sort of little kid but it's quite fun sometimes. xD). But I bring a can of shaving foam in and you know the rest...Well I did get in trouble and had to clean the shower. And I think a load of it went over the shower. But do something like a squirty gun (I used shaving foam) and it's worthwhile. (Ok I'm rambling again...I've done this on my last 3 posts. xD)