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  1. sorry guys, I cant post pictures because (1)no digital camera (2)two days ago, i was showing my friend what happened to his tama, and my teacher came up behind me and just took it out of my hand.I asked if i could pause it but she said no.Im hoping they made it to the naming screen, where its automtacly paused.My friend wont get it back till june 1.
  2. the ball glitch is when you go to your items and there are 50+ balls,all of which you didnt buy.The balls also show up in your food list.
  3. Ok, I just debugged my freinds v4, but it was stuck on hyper speed.So I tried to un-debug it by taking a trusty steak knife to the two half circles and scraping them up. Yay!! It worked,I resetted it, but then as soon as "Boy" with the baby boy above it went away, the matchmaker came!!!!!! It brought a Memeitchi and the baby went in the air and kissed it!!!Then the fireworks came and another baby boy shows up right next to it!!!!!(I was pressing A when it first hatched to see if if was really un-debugged,that might be why)
  4. The pencil represents your tamas intelligence points,the sparkle represents your tamas Arts/Fashion points, and the flower represents your tamas Social/Kindness points.Hope I could help. Oh, and a nazotchi is the mailman.
  5. Ok, i just debugged my brothers v2, and it worked fine.Ok, I thought, Ill pick the matchmaker on the v2, put it on hyperspeed till its old enough to have a baby,get honey and connect with my v4 Mametchi and have a baby.I gave the honey to the v2 oldie and connected but they just play games and give eachother presents.Any suggestions?
  6. yeah the race game is the easiest way. I get 9990 ina matter of about 15 minutes!
  7. were you doing present? if so, it wont let you connect if you have too many items.Try deleting some by going to the book option, going to present, scrolling through until you find an item you dont really need,and press the b button. It will then say "wrap?" Press A and then it will say "trash". Press the b button and choose yes. Hope i could help.
  8. I just bought a lamp and i used it then the usual smoke came but then a genie appeared and my mametchi shook its head and it made the dying music and then the genie gave me 3000 this normal?
  9. I have too many item and i cant buy anything. how do i get rid of them?(I cant give them away because when i go to "present" it says sorry list full)