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  1. Omg! That's GREAT news! I thought I would never be able to collect these secret characters, so I am REALLY happy now! Btw, does this also work with connecting to the iD, P's or the +Color? (Or do you really need to connect to an iD L?)
  2. Hi there! So if you want to complete all the 32 TamaTomos, you need to get all of the characters. But 2 of these are 'special characters' which you can only get by connecting to 6 different Tamagotchis.. So my question is.. Can't you just connect to one Tamagotchi, and then reset it and connect again, and reset it and so on untill you connected 6 times? Will that work? Because I am not going to buy 6 iD L's.. That's a lot of money.. I hope my English is ok!
  3. On the iD L you can get secret characters (Im talking about Giragiratchi& Maisutatchi) by connecting 30 times to an other tamagotchi. Does this also work when you connect with a p's? Also the same question about getting the secret characters Madomnatchi and Hirotchi. You need to connect to 6 different tamas for that one, but does that involve p's too? I also have an other question. Does the special Henshinjo dress up tamas have tamatomos? I hope this question makes sense.. I dont now how to explain it since Im not English Sorry if these questions are already asked somewhere.
  4. Right now my favourite is V5. But in a month my english iD L will arrive, and I think that will be my favourite from then on . (I still want to try Music Star too..)
  5. Wow, good luck! I wish I had as many tamas as you, lol! I already have a hard time running 3 at the moment...
  6. I'm waiting for a pink English iD L.. This is going to be my first color Tama! <3 I can't wait I'm expecting it mid/late January.. So I have to wait a little bit more... :C
  7. So my family turned in to a petit family i had a Makiko and I want her back! Is there a way to get my old family back? Do i have to feed them a lot or something? help PLEASE. thx!
  8. Omg!! I have a Puku, and these new versions have a Puku too!! i want one, this looks sooo cute.
  9. they cost like only 10$ here oh, and mostly i dont respect other opinions about pixel chix, sorry, but some people are just really rude and stuff.....
  10. i love it that pixel chix are so girly
  11. woow, that's so weird! i've never had that before o: sorry i can't help you.
  12. Look! I've found a video of these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl0LLpGF7Hw&feature=related is this really a product of JD? Because it really looks better then a JD rip off.. i think it does like cute!
  13. please, people, sto posting how bad or boring pixel chix are... this is a forum called pixel chix talk, for the peoples who DO like pixel chix.. please leave if you don't like them
  14. omg, i don't like these already! they look weird to me xD but, do i see a penguin? a girl and a penguin? okay.. that's sorta cool, i wish my pixel chix could have a penguin