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  1. and why isnt metallica on there, the one band that defined metal in the 80's and 90's
  2. im only going to say this once. why is nickelback on there. they are not rock they are pop. it's pop for heavens sake. unless there are other rock bands at the top of the charts with it i consider it to be pop and its the worst band ive ever listened to.
  3. try this: take apart your tama heat up a screwdriver touch the tip of the screwdriver to the tip of the wires and the solder that connect the speaker to the tama if that doesnt work just send it in to bandai or buy another
  4. breaking benjamins okay but it's not always good
  5. lol my chemical romance is too soft for me too listen to so i dont like it. i like all the hardcore metal bands like avenged sevenfold and metallica and slipknot, etc.
  6. metallica concert on my birthday, unfortunately its sold out so i cant go.
  7. sweet ill add you and maybe we can talk today
  8. ill just replace the batteries when it actually dies
  9. if it was the batteries than it would show 3 tamas saying that the battery is dead
  10. i play runescape. im level 63 and have been playing for 4-5 years. im range level 60
  11. its a v5 celebrity and it keeps factory reseting, some kind of glitch, bandai needs to fix it or something cause i dont wanna buy another. i was on generation 15 and then i became very disappointed
  12. ultimately more games and better animations for items and have the stereo system back with cds
  13. 48 hours after they become adults you can go to dating show