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    I'm the one on the right; btw.<br><br><br>I love:<br>This wonderful guy that I happened to lose awhile ago. :/<br>Hot Cheetos.<br>Hoodies.<br>Bows.<br>Cooking.<br>My family.<br>My bestfrienddd Kay Sea!! ♥<br>My hairstraightener; because without it I'd have a 'fro every morning!

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  1. I dated this great guy for a little over a year. We started dating in 8th grade, broke up in 9th, but stayed good friends. I'm in 10th now. He was my first love, first kiss, radaradarada. We broke up because he thought he was moving a couple hours away. He ended up not though. Let's call him G. Well after we broke up, he was my homecoming date, and we'd hang out at school all the time. He would sit in my group constantly, and he told me he still loved me. I started dating another guy, let's call him K, in December of 2010. He was my first boyfriend since G, and I thought this would be my chance to finally get over him. I started talking to him in November, and I thought he was amazing. He asked me out and of course I said yes. He was really sweet, and funny, and he treated me good for a while. He would always go to my locker after every class, and he'd always make me smile. He texted me this past Tuesday, RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL, to tell me we "weren't working out" and that "he didn't like me like he used to". He had seen me 15 minutes beforehand, but he had to do it in a text. That hurt. I texted G and told him what happened. He said "well he's just stupid." That made me smile for the first time that day. I told him that I loved him and that he was the best. Since we broke up, he never said he loved me, even though I would say it as friends. But this time, he said he loved me too. I realized that even though I REALLY liked K, I wasn't over G. K won't talk to me anymore. At the fair last night, I was riding rides with a few friends, and he said I was a *let's not mention*. I hadn't done anything to him. I gave him the space he wanted. G has always been there for me. I dated him for a year and some months. I dated K for almost 2 months. I would expect K to be the one that would still be friends with me, and not G. I miss G. Would it be worth it to try to get him back? No matter what I've gone through, he's always been by my side. Would I have another chance with him?
  2. Woke up. Got on Facebook to check messages. Took a shower. Did my hair and makeup. Found my camo clothes to wear for my friend's birthday. RIP. ♥ Dropped my sister off at school. Picked my friend up for school. Went to school. Chorus; Biology; Spanish; Lunch; English; History; Geometry. Had a 1,000 you're back! hugs. Went home. Had a snack. Read part of my book. Did my English homework. Got on Facebook again. Read some more. Ordered a pizza for dinner. And here I am.
  3. Watched Everybody Hates Chris. Went to sleep. Woke up. Trolled the internet for awhile. Ate Chinese. Hung out with the Fam. Went to Winn Dixie. Went to Walmart. Came home. Dyed my hair. Dyed my mom's hair. Took a shower. Went to Taco Bell. (10 pm) Here I am!
  4. So, have you guys ever gotten surgery? What kind did you get? How did you feel after it? How long did recovery take? I've had a couple done, I'll explain 'em later on. I don't really have the time right now.
  5. Thanks you guys! I'm feeling about normal again. I can talk and eat real food; just a little bit harder to swallow sometimes. :/ But thanks for all the advice you guys! I couldn't eat ice cream though. :/ It would get stuck on the healing parts and make more mucous. Grossss! Lol. @monkeez_cutiez: I think you should go to the doctor anyways. I'm not sure what I even had. For the past 2 years I've been sick. My doctors have jumped around walking pneumonia, strep throat, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, and other throat and respiratory infections. Over the summer, I got sinus surgery done. It didn't really solve my problems, but it did give me a cleaner feeling.
  6. I'm finally getting better from my Tonsillectomy.
  7. SpongeBob outta those up there. Gotta love the little yellow guy!! I really just watch TeenNick. DEGRASSI!!!!! ♥
  8. Eli off of Degrassi. Hot Cheetos Bows. Bows. BOWS! Tanning. Flinstones Vitamins. Penguins. Smiley Faces and Peace Signs. Degrassi. MTV. Hoodies. Books. . . . Tacos.
  9. This past Friday, I got my tonsils out. Day 1 was okay, I slept most of it. All I could eat was Jello and Gatorade. Pain was a 3. Day 2 was a little worse. My mouth was really swollen. I managed to eat soup. Pain was a 5. Day 3 was painful; but I took my pain meds and was able to eat half a piece of Domino's pizza and part of a cupcake for my Mom's birthday. Pain was a 7. Day 4 was the worst. Eating and drinking were the worst things in the world. I felt sick to my stomach all day. And I slept through it. Pain was a 10. Day 5 I was able to last all day without pain meds. I ate toast and rice. I started coughing; and a piece of a scab (gross!) came off. Pain was a 3. Day 6 (Today) I ate this green pepper steak stuff and only took half of one pain pill. Pain was a 2-4. For anyone who got them out before, does it just get better from now? I'm 15, almost 16. I'm really hungry, but I'm worried I'll mess something up if I try to eat. Any tips or ideas of how much longer this should last? Thanks!
  10. I'm getting there. Physically: I have things I love; things I hate. I love my eyes. They're a really deep brown. My nose is okay. I just have a gap in my teeth that really bothers me the most. And really thin brown hair with these natural blonde and red highlights from the summer. But I'm starting to find ways to make my hair really awesome. Lol. I'm sorta short. And I've got some biiiiiiiig boobs. xD No lie; I'm a D. I'm usually tan; and it gives me a cute exotic look. Personality wise I couldn't be happier! I'm always happy, and when I'm not, I just keep a smile on my face to help make the smile real. My friends tell me I'm funny. I'm nice to everyone. It doesn't matter what they do, I can't hold grudges. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with myself.
  11. I've been out for a week; and I'm in all Honors' classes. So I have a heavy load. Biology Honors: Chapter 2 Key Terms (There's 50!) Outline Read all of Chapter 2. Decide on Science fair project. English 2 Honors: Read Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket. Questions 1-8. Key Terms. 6 Journal Entries - Timed 10 minutes each. 2 Essays to be turned in. Character Drawing. Plot Map. World History Honors: Read Chapter 5. 5 Sections worth of Key Terms. 1 Worksheet for Each Section. Hieroglyphics Drawing. Drawing comparing and Contrasting Ancient Greece and Sparta. Geometry Honors: Exploring Angle Pairs - Pg. 38 #8-24 even; 28; 34; 36; 38; and 40. Basic Constructions - Pg. 46 #8-16 even; 30. Midpoint and Distance in the Coordinate Plane - Pg. 54 #8; 12; 18;24; 26; 46. Perimeter, Circumference, and Area - Pg. 64 #8; 12; 20; 26; 28; 32; 44. Study for test. Patterns and Inductive Reasoning - Pg. 85 #6-22 even; 26-30 even; 38; 46; 52.
  12. Woke up at 2 in the morning. Got a Gatorade because my throat was killing me. (Had surgery on Friday) Went back to sleep. Kept waking up cause of pain. Eventually stayed up at 5. Watch My Wife and Kids, George Lopez, Everybody Hates Chris, and the Nanny. Woke my Mom up at 6:45 to get my sister ready for school. Fell back asleep until 8. Woke up and got more Gatorade. Ate part of a Fruit Roll Up. Straightened my hair/Brushed my teeth. Got dressed. Went to the school to put some stuff in my locker. Came home. Watched the VMAs on MTV. Ate my first meal since last Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been texting my friends, on Facebook, and here.