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  1. mine never shows the parent. IF U LIKE ANIMALS CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Did u pause it? That is one thing wrong if you pause it to much than it will stay there until it gets a full 24 hours.
  3. All the tama's r special no matter how ugly. DO NOT RESET IT. But it's ur choice. IF YOU LIKE ANIMALS CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It's probably just a glitch just go back where you got it andget a new one. IF YOU LIKE ANIMALS CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Just open close the password on ur tamagotchi and then open the new one and put that password in your computer.Also you could of mistaken the "I" for "1" or the "B" for "8". Hope I helped IF YOU LIKE ANIMALS CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. if u think ur tama is anarexic then feed it. but usualy it stops playing games when that should be its normal weight. http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842
  7. well i dont no what buttons 2 push http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842
  8. i kinda know how to put the codes in but it wont work. first you go to the shop keeper then you push (A) (until he looks surprised) then you push in the codes but that part wont work. http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842
  9. is it a v4 or v4.5? http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842
  10. how do you debug your tama edit: No advertising.
  11. thank u http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842
  12. no i didnt mess with the time http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842 PM ME IF YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS
  13. the robber came about 5 times today in about 2 hours is that podssible? http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842
  14. what baby? toddler? teen? adult? http://www.zooreka.com/photo?An=355842
  15. what is ur baby? toddler? teen? adult?