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  1. I've had a Pokemon Pikachu! It lasted 3 years!
  2. I'm pretty sure a Tamagotchi related glitch is something that happens to your Tamagotchi that isn't supposed to?
  3. Try buying lots of new items from the shop, or pick a character that you really like and try to get it. =]
  4. Click the "color" button and then type your writing then click "close tags" I Hope I helped! =]
  5. When you connect 2 different versions the characters that aren't on each version will come up as , i think.
  6. If I feed my tamagotchi 7 snacks when it's a toddler but take perfect care of it for the rest of it's life can I still get a good character!? Please help!THANKS! _^__^
  7. OH! Thank you very much!! See, I have a p1 already, and I ordered that p2 from eBay, and won, I just assumed it was a p2, but then I thought I should check. =) i'm very happy that I was right. Thanks!!! ^^
  8. http://i7.ebayimg.com/05/i/000/79/9b/867f_1_b.JPG Can someone please tell me is that a p1? or a p2? and is the language in Japanese? or english? =/ I know it must be hard to tell XP
  9. I think it's pretty fun trying to get all the characters sometimes. ^^
  10. I agree. =/ It kinda sucks the fun out of TamaTown.
  11. Why can't I ever get him.. T~T He's been my favourite character since I found out about Tamagotchi.
  12. I know! I HATE the new layout!!!! UGH! my username is : bixeh
  13. I don't know why he's so popular, I don't mind him, but Mimitchi is better.