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  1. I know you can put your tama on timeout but that is mean i want a less cruel way to train my tama please help thanks.
  2. Whens your birthday I think ours are close
  3. This happened to me. i now its really annoyinning but just keep going to school a lot and if you do that today you will probably graduate and get a job. hope I helped
  4. Tamagotchi's Name: Jamba Tamagotchi's Age:27 Date of Birth: March 9 2007 Date of Passing: April 14 2007 What Generation? 5th Your Comments: I don't why she died i guess it was just her time to go
  5. u can play as Nazotchi if you debug your tama it is a risky process so use a tama that you won't be mad about loosing
  6. u should just wait pausing set the tama's timing off so just wait and it will evolve but if it doesn't reset it and download it
  7. you can't earn more because it is a fortune star money bag-gothchi pts heart-friend ship strengh-health
  8. when I connected my v4 with my v3 my v3 baby on my v4 looked like Nazotchi!!!!!
  9. when do tamas start to use a bed?
  10. I have v4 and i currently have a obitchi
  11. does anyone know how to get if u do plz help. thanks in advance