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  1. I didn't even realize they were coming out with v5 so quickly (haven't been to check on TamaTalk in a while) -- but I got one today at the Wal-Mart in South Bend, Indiana. Good times! They're so cute; they barely had any left on the shelf, and I found a "Love My Family" design (I wish they had the cherry blossoms or music note ones!!). Good to know Antioch has 'em. That's my hometown.
  2. California tends to get things first because they're on the coast, easy for Japan to export/import to and from. It's the same with new video games. Too bad I live in Indiana now for college, hehe.
  3. Since putting it on pause uses up battery, you can always just take out the battery or put a piece of paper in between the battery and the metal piece underneath the battery (like tabbing it, how it comes in the package), that way no battery is wasted, and when you put the battery back in, you can left off right where you started.
  4. Your idea is cute, the names of fruits like Apple, Banana, Grape, etc. sounds like a good idea. Because then you can paint their shells to distinguish them, either by painting the fruit or just the color! There are always place names, like London, France, Spain, Sydney, America, Asia, Russia, etc. Picking names like that however you see fit would be interesting. Or something funny, like naming them after other animals, like Bunny, Dog, Pig, Mouse, Raven, etc. Hope that gives you some ideas or inspiration for others.
  5. A puchitchi toddler can grow up into a teenager in the Mame, Meme, or Universal families, but most likely into the Meme family (since that is also the most common family). That is what the charts explain on the post below the actual growth chart.
  6. I think it just takes a lot of patience and a lot of care. Also, instead of mating your two tamagotchis, wait for the matchmaker to come. If the matchmaker brings a good tamagotchi as a partner, like Mametchi or someone from the Mame family, then go ahead and try your luck at love! Then just be patient. Even if your next generation turns out to be the same as your previous tamagotchi, and not like who the matchmaker brought, be patient -- the ancestry is still remembered. I had a long line of Meme tamagotchis, and all of a sudden I began raising a Mame teenager. Then I remembered somewhere along the line I had partnered one of my tamagotchis with a Mame character the matchmaker had brought a while back. As for the Kuchi family, I think that's a bit harder. I've only had one Kuchi character (Sebiretchi). I got her after one of my Meme teenagers turned into a universal adult (Masktchi), and I mated her with another universal adult that the matchmaker brought, and the resulting baby turned into a Mohitamatchi toddler and eventually into the Kuchi family. But also remember that a Mohitamatchi toddler also has a possibility of growing into the Meme family. So just be patient and experiment with the way you take care of your tamagotchis and who you partner your tamagotchis with.
  7. I rest a lot, and do nothing strenuous. I also eat a lot of carbs, like crackers and bread, and drink a lot of tea (green tea). Hope you get better soon!
  8. What the King gives you is totally random, I think. The item I receive more often than others are pencils. I don't know, why, though, because I really don't need all those pencils. I've also gotten shovels, plants, make-up, chocolate hearts (and other food/snacks), bouquets, and rings (I like how the ring is as big as the tamagotchi ).
  9. Definitely a helpful topic! Thank you for posting. I've never seen the "Bus Counter" job, though. Hmm... I guess I have to keep waiting. And at the moment, I love the bakery job. Yum!
  10. Simasimatchis are cute and not bad! From what you say, I think that's normal, except you should have received another [!] mail after that. When a tamagotchi graduates school (and even preschool), I've noticed that it always makes sad/mad faces, most likely because it loves its teacher and will miss it! That may or may not be the case for you, but it's the only thing I could think of. Usually after that happens, you should get another important post mail to go job hunting. So the reason it won't do anything when you select the "Work" option is because it graduated school and you have yet to get a job.
  11. Jump rope = random Mimic = random Shape = intelligence (pencil) Dance = arts/fashion (sparkle) Flag = social/kindness (flower) Jump rope gives your tamagotchi 6 skill points in a random category after doing 30 jumps. Mimic gives your tamagotchi 6 skill points in a random category after completing 6 rounds. Shape gives your tamagotchi 8 skill points in intelligence when you reach 30 shapes. Dance gives your tamagotchi 8 skill points in arts/fashion after completing 6 rounds. And Flag gives your tamagotchi 8 skill points in social/kindness after completing 8 rounds. And if you complete a whole game, your tamagotchi loses 3 lbs. Otherwise your tamagotchi will lose 0-2 lbs. depending on how far you got in the game. Hope that helps!
  12. Basically all you have to do is make sure your tamagotchi's intelligence points are the highest of all before your tamagotchi evolves into an adult. I have Mametchi now, and I only had a Puchitchi toddler that turned into a Young Androtchi teen, so just remember: intelligence is the key! Good luck!!
  13. Tamagotchi's Name: Usagi (Bunny) Tamagotchi's Age: 45 / 99 lbs Date of Birth: April 7, 2007 Date of Passing: May 23, 2007 about 6:00pm Generation: 1st Usagi left while I was taking a long nap. Here were her final stats: Intelligence: 364 Arts: 343 Social: 388 Then, at 6:09pm, a new baby Tsubutchi hatched. I named him Apolo (in favor of the cute Dancing With the Stars winner: Apolo Ohno). So here's to new beginnings!
  14. I just wanted to know when you mate two oldies and you get Oyajitchi (the special character) -- will the matchmaker come to him? I know, kinda dumb question, but if he immediately skips growth change and is an adult right away, what age will the matchmaker come to him? I was just curious. Oh, and what family does Oyajitchi belong to, or does that just depend on what his two parents were?
  15. I have two V4s and oranges have always made my tamagotchis gain 2 lbs. For some odd reason now it makes him gain 2 lbs. Anyway, I'm still curious about the whole losing points at preschool ordeal, though.