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  1. I'll join with my v3 when I get it in the mail tomorrow. =P Can you wait until then?
  2. I had at one time 16 Tamagotchi going....that was during my summer break when I didn't have to go to school. Now, school's back and I don't have enough time so I only have 2 going. I'm thinking of starting 2 more up once I get more used to school.
  3. I personally agree with Tamagoyaki(I know I'll regret it later though as I never thought that would happen.). It's annoying and very childish, but all I can do is refuse to read it. It gives me a headache and it's a totally different language. 'its 10 tims hrder 2 red dis' than Japanese Kanji. That was a strain to type like that even. O.O Just stating that it takes sometimes a whole minute or two just to read one of the 'netspeak' words. That's just me, but I like to USE the education that I have gotten, rather than let it waste away. I'm just going on and on, so I'll stop now. Please notice that I did NOT put anyone down or anything as I am sometimes accused of, I simply stated how I felt about the particular 'typing style', if you will. ~Tamagod
  4. I personally think this is good though. It shows that BanDai has been making events more random. That's more fun! But I really am sorry about you having to start again. That really bites. =/
  5. Yes...as long as you keep what you're doing up.
  6. We are now seeing why Tamagotchi Plus are much better....although...I have to admit the Connections were a lot better than I tohught they would be....and a lot better than Connexion...the Connexion just bites....
  7. The Deka Tamagotchi? You mean the Lotteria? Those things are long gone! But anyway....the Plus cost about 1800 yen(I'm pretty sure it's 1890 yen with tax). And in November....there will be all new series of designs in Japan....check those out before you go and then go look for the one you want! I hope you have a good time there, I will also be going for 2 weeks to visit my friends that are in my soon-to-be appartment right over Shibuya Square!!!! I have one thing to tell you....make sure you don't drive....any accidents you might have....will automatically be YOUR fault....Society treats you pretty badly over there if you don't have your citizenship. But have fun!
  8. Yeah...Lol. XD I've gotten(in addition to theirs) a cape, and some others I can't remember...but the Connections have different items.....you can thank AirRockStar for that....I was chatting with him and he told me a lot of useful info abou the Connections.
  9. Well, I have no idea....I never order anything from Amazon....but I sure do hope you get yours before the 1st. Good Luck.... =/
  10. Hong Kong Connexion : Dixxy(my friend named) Lavendar Connection : Saki Pink Heart Plus : Mokusei Oresoji Plus : Kuma* Clover Plus : Shuya!(was watching Battle Royale. ) Matrix Connection : Kami Those are the one's I currently have going, my friend has QUITE a few going....they're all mine though....she won't give them back.....So I got her a Connection to 'bribe' her away....didn't work....she just took that one too. XD I'll keep you updated about the tama-knapping incident. XD BTW, Menko, you most likely have an Oniotchi.
  11. Normal. Hinotamatchi is the problem child, or the rebelious one....it means you didn't do exceptional in taking care of it if you got him, but one small slip up....and there goes your shot.
  12. You can all order them from AirRockStar, he is selling them at pretty nice prices....I bought 3. Here's a link: http://www.tamagotchiconnection.tk/ And then go to 'Purchase' at the top. Accroding to him, I should be getting mine today if the mail man decides he wants to take longer...So if it comes today...then that's REALLY fast shipping!
  13. These designs: http://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/mimiyori/images/0828.gif ....will come out August 28th in Japan. Sorry for the short post....they just look really cool.