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    Tamagotchis! If you need more help for tamagotchi's, email me at my tama help aim. Ill help you in v1,v2,v3,v4<br><br>trust me ive had 'em all!<br><br>have a myspace? I have one for tamagotchi's too. :)<br>

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  1. Can Entamas connect with regular v4's (USA)? are Entamas the same lanugage as the V4s? (ENGLISH)
  2. Tamagotchi's Name: Jake Tamagotchi's Age: 1 Date of Birth:May Wednesday 2, 2007 Date of Passing: May.Thurdsay 3, 2007 What Generation? 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Comments: OH NO!!!! why? My tamagotchi fell in the water!!!!!!!! all i could do is cry when i saw the screen go blank!!! oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was in my 11th generation!!!!! he was soo cute! why did he have to fall in the water?!?!?!?!?!!? at that time in like 3 seconds, i saw a little angel on the screen .well now, he'll only remain in my head.... now my tamagotchi v4 will be part of my collection...of dead tamagotchis....Ill have to wait for a v4.5 Or V5.
  3. you might have had too many items or food/snackes. 30 items and 15 food/snack is the most you can get.
  4. ohh thats just random stuff that happenes. dont worry its nothing serious.
  5. the tamagotchi who is 3 is too young to have a baby. wait one more day then connect, it'll hopefully have a baby. plus all u need is 1 love potion.
  6. hinotamitchi is just like the other tamagotchi's he has no "power" that'll make him to other things tamagotchis cant do.
  7. where can you find entamas? do u have to go all the way to japan? or do they sell them in regualr stores here in the US?
  8. i know that already but it may be useful for some begginer. you should put this in " help for new tamagotchi pet owners"
  9. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. how long has it been 0 years old? do you keep on changing the time? it might be because of a glitch. go to the back of your tama and hit reset. then click the middle button quickly and click download.
  11. i dont really know what the office does...i go in there and nothing happens. i think its a special place where adult tamas go once they got a job. dont really know what they do in there.
  12. awwww! thats ok. my tamas have died before and its ok. dont blame yourself. just remeber that tamas arent real people.
  13. Obotchi is a universal character. you get obotchi because you have not taken good care of it when it was a toddler. when its a toddler play as many games as you can.
  14. in v4s, after you finished school you'll get mail [!]. saying u left the school, blah blah , then another mail [!] will come up and you'll get to pick your job. your skill points affect you tamas job. you click the job which ever one you want, you'll get an intreview (once you click it with A ) if they say "O O O" you passed and thats your job, if you get "X X X" then you need to pick another job. in your v4 instructions it says how to play the job you have. Got to the "communication center" the heart on your tama. then scroll down and click work. tada! PM me if u need more help .